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demote (one) from (something)

To reassign one to a role or position with less authority or responsibility. I'm worried that if the boss finds out this blunder was my fault, she'll demote me from team manager.
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demote someone from something (to something)

 and demote someone (from something) to something
to lower someone's rank from one rank to another. The manager demoted Bill from cashier to clerk. The army demoted her from lieutenant to sergeant.
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In a similar development, it was found recently that Choe Ryong Hae, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, had been demoted to a general from a vice marshal.
Rangers, Scottish champions a record 54 times and one of the biggest names in British soccer, were demoted earlier this year following the collapse of their former parent company.
Meanwhile, Harbhajan and Ishant, who featured in Grade A last year, were demoted to Grade B which also has Pragyan Ojha, Rohit Sharma, Irfan Pathan and Umesh Yadav.
Just days before he was demoted, however, acting Sgt.
Some 30 Saudi women English teachers said they had recently been demoted to the position of assistant teachers, in addition to receiving a 50 percent salary cut.
Miss Millwood, who is Britishborn of Jamaican origin, made a race discrimination claim after complaining that she had been promoted to senior family support worker status and acting nursery manager at Mansfield Green Community School Nursery and then later demoted to senior room leader.
In second place is Menacom Chairman and CEO Joseph Ghoussoub, having been voted 52,026 times and demoted 4,328 times, while Leo Burnett Group of Companies MENA CEO Raja Trad occupies third place.
That means one club will be demoted to the Championship at the end of this year.
An employee can be demoted after maternity leave for problems discovered while she was away, the 11th Circuit ruled April 6 in Schaaf v.
VSS dismissed Angel Pankov as Deputy District Prosecutor in the city of Pazardzhik and demoted him to prosecutor.
CDATA[ Nachshon Battalion soldiers who protested Samaria evictions were demoted and convicted of refusing an order, disgraceful conduct.
On Sunday, Marchand D'Or could finish only fourth in the Group 3 Prix de Saint-Georges over 5f, where he was trying to give 11lb to the German sprinter Mood Music, who was awarded the race after the David Nicholls-trained Inxile was demoted for hampering Benbaun.
The downsizing of staffs targets only people who have no relative in the government senior positions," said Achinkoc Henry Deng, the news presenter for FM-98 Arabic, who was demoted from grade 8 to 10.
Fred Schmidt was demoted from his position in July.
ONE of Coventry's top police officers has been demoted for making a racist joke to workmates at a party.