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demote (one) from (something)

To reassign one to a role or position with less authority or responsibility. I'm worried that if the boss finds out this blunder was my fault, she'll demote me from team manager.
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demote someone from something (to something)

 and demote someone (from something) to something
to lower someone's rank from one rank to another. The manager demoted Bill from cashier to clerk. The army demoted her from lieutenant to sergeant.
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Angel Angelov, who resigned as Burgas Regional Prosecutor after the scandal, has also been demoted for 2 years.
At the disciplinary hearing last week he was demoted by one rank to Chief Inspector.
He was demoted to the rank of PC and transferred to Whitburn, West Lothian.
At a press conference the same day, Kaneko said Haneda will be demoted to take the blame for the recent troubles.
A panel at London's Appeal Court has found the punishment was "manifestly excessive" and ordered he be demoted only to a staff sergeant which means he could be reinstated as a Warrant Officer before he leaves.
A woman soldier who was demoted after having an affair with a major has lost her claim for sexual discrimination against the Ministry of Defence.
AWARDED: $320,511 to transsexual Cincinnati police officer Philecia Barnes, who said the city discriminated against her when it demoted her, February 26.
A Chicago-based law firm must comply more fully with a subpoena in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation to determine whether 32 demoted partners in fact were employees under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).
REF Dermot Gallagher last night denied being demoted from the Premier League after returning for the first time since the controversial incident between Robbie Keane and David Beckham.
Last January, astronomers at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at New York's American Museum of Natural History demoted Pluto from planet to comet, a frozen chunk of gas and dust.
said Wednesday its former President Tadasu Toba, who was demoted to a director in October over his alleged involvement in shady stock deals, will quit Monday, earlier than planned.
As a result of this injustice, some people have been denied jobs, demoted, or given inadequate medical care.
Oldham into his office, told her she was "unattractive, fat and over 50 and probably couldn't get a job anywhere else" and demoted her from administrative assistant in his Los Angeles headquarters to a receptionist in Chatsworth, California.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday approved the resignation of Bureau of Consular Affairs Director-General Agnes Chen and demoted Taiwan's representative to Canada over the erroneous appearance of Washington Dulles International Airport in the new Taiwanese passports.
FAISALABAD -- City Police Officer (CPO), Afzaal Kausar has demoted three police officers on charge of delinquency,negligence and poor performance.