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demonstrate (something) to (someone)

To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My grandmother wants me to demonstrate to her new laptop to her.
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demonstrate against (someone or something)

To publicly display opposition to someone or something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating against that big construction project because they feel that we don't need more stores so close to our homes.
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demonstrate for (someone or something)

To publicly show support for someone or something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating for that big construction project because the closest store right now is 10 miles away.
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demonstrate against someone or something

to make a public show against someone or something. The citizens demonstrated against the new policies. A number of protestors demonstrated against the mayor.
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demonstrate for someone or something

to make a public show in favor of someone or something. We will all demonstrate for Walter's candidacy. A number of supporters demonstrated for the mayor.
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demonstrate something to someone

to show someone how something works. Would you please demonstrate this DVD player to me? I may want to buy it. The new products were demonstrated to the board of directors in advance.
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References in classic literature ?
What escape have I had from problems that could be demonstrated, and realities that could be grasped?
The prairie dogs in this study demonstrated abundant viral antigens and mature poxvirus particles in the tongue and conjunctival lesions; hence, direct contact with saliva or exudates from these lesions could have inoculated monkeypox virus to skin or mucous membranes of other hosts.
Furthermore, the true nature of intuitive versus non-intuitive can be demonstrated by students as they succeed.
Applications of robots for in mold decorating or labeling will be demonstrated by MGS and Hekuma.
CTC, a global leader in HPC, has demonstrated the value of making the transition from UNIX-based proprietary architectures to industry-standard, Windows-based high-performance computing.
The X-32A demonstrated excellent low-speed flying qualities in the carrier mode configuration,'' said Navy Cmdr.
The water ingestion test demonstrated safe and reliable operation of the engine under extreme weather conditions.
Many groups reviewing the WIPP program have opposed the underground tests, contending that the department has never demonstrated that the data are important for the permitting process.
The Othello-3 transceiver will be demonstrated at the 3GSM World Congress.
Unisys recently demonstrated the power and scalability of the soon-to-be-released 32-bit Intel Xeon processor MP and the 64-bit McKinley processor on 32-way and 16-way Unisys ES7000 enterprise servers, respectively.
A recent decision demonstrated the significant and multi-faceted burdens that a would-be successor to a rent regulated tenancy must meet.
Previously we demonstrated conclusively that co-administration of MCT-465 with our patented antigen-presenting immunoglobulin therapeutic ('IgNP') completely destroyed tumors and prevented mortality," said Dr.
SILENOR[TM] demonstrated a statistically significant improvement compared to placebo in the primary endpoint of this trial, Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO) as measured at night one, for both doses studied (1mg: p=0.
Resulting from a collaboration between Geron and investigators with the department of oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the data demonstrated activity in a model derived from multiple cell lines as well as cells from fresh specimens taken from the bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients.
In this trial, CRx-102 demonstrated statistically significant improvements on primary and secondary endpoints: