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demonstrate (something) to (one)

To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants me to demonstrate the software to her.
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demonstrate against (someone or something)

To publicly display opposition to someone or something; to protest against something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating against that big construction project because they feel that we don't need more stores so close to our homes.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate for (someone or something)

To publicly show support for someone or something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating for that big construction project because the closest store right now is 10 miles away.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate against someone or something

to make a public show against someone or something. The citizens demonstrated against the new policies. A number of protestors demonstrated against the mayor.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate for someone or something

to make a public show in favor of someone or something. We will all demonstrate for Walter's candidacy. A number of supporters demonstrated for the mayor.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate something to someone

to show someone how something works. Would you please demonstrate this DVD player to me? I may want to buy it. The new products were demonstrated to the board of directors in advance.
See also: demonstrate
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4[degrees]F) in the summertime--a professor at Japan's Waseda University demonstrated that productivity dropped by 2.
He demonstrated that a different pattern of damage is observed when cells (as opposed to naked DNA) are irradiated with UV light, and he characterized the methylation and nucleosome to the study of DNA damage at the nucleotide level.
Histopathologically, the tongue ulcer demonstrated necrosis and mixed inflammation at the ulcer bed (Figure 2A).
Also, high-speed in-mold labeling will be demonstrated on a 170-ton K-Tec 155 S press with a special screw and electric screw drive running at the Hekuma booth (291).
The ES7000 demonstrated by Unisys is further proof that Intel continues to work with OEMs to enhance scalability, reliability and performance for the most demanding enterprise environments, while dramatically reducing the cost.
The owner, represented by Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP (partners Martin Meltzer at the deposition and Joseph Burden at the trial), demonstrated, and the Court found, that there was "no real public representation of [the tenant/claimant's] relationship"; the tenant's daughter, rather than the claimant, controlled the tenant's finances when he took ill; the tenant's will made no mention of the claimant; the claimant was not a beneficiary under the tenant's insurance policy; and all funeral arrangements were handled by the tenant's daughter.
The Company's scientists demonstrated that mice previously treated with the IgNP/MCT-465 combination therapy which demonstrated tumor remission, remained immune to the development of new cancers even when challenged with a new tumorigenic dose of homologous tumor cells.
In each of these clinical trials, SILENOR[TM] demonstrated statistically significant results in the trial's designated primary endpoint.
Specifically, the data demonstrated that GRN163L inhibited telomerase activity and eliminated the colony forming potential of cancer stem cells from three independent multiple myeloma cell lines.
CRx-102 has now demonstrated positive results in three clinical settings.
These compounds, designed to restore the biological activity of cellular signaling pathways disrupted by disease and aging, have been demonstrated in humans to possess several properties with potential therapeutic benefit -- they regulate innate and adaptive immunity, reduce nonproductive inflammation and stimulate cell proliferation.
First-generation drug candidates from this class of compounds have been demonstrated in humans to have three core therapeutic properties: they regulate innate and adaptive immunity, reduce unproductive inflammation, and stimulate the proliferation of progenitor cells in the bone marrow that may play a role in regenerative medicine.
In this study, patients treated with arformoterol by nebulizer demonstrated significant and sustained improvement in airway function over 12 weeks of treatment versus patients administered placebo.
PRDT has already demonstrated that several of its resins are capable of removing 99.
The 2006 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles build upon the success of the preliminary integration work that was demonstrated in past years, as well as provides new content in the form of Medical Summary documents.