demonstrate to

demonstrate (something) to (one)

To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants me to demonstrate the software to her.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate something to someone

to show someone how something works. Would you please demonstrate this DVD player to me? I may want to buy it. The new products were demonstrated to the board of directors in advance.
See also: demonstrate
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We are proud not only to demonstrate to visitors the success of our point-to-multi-point Bluetooth communication using GCT's Bluetooth chipset solutions, but also to be the main sponsor of the 'Chill-Out Zone,' a hospitality suite for conference attendees.
By integrating YY Software technology with BizTalk Server 2000, we were able to demonstrate to the U.
Tivoli and its partners can use this unprecedented system to demonstrate to their customer multiple, management solutions working together to provide end-to-end network computing management.