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demonstrate (something) to (one)

To show someone how something functions or how to operate it. My boss wants me to demonstrate the software to her.
See also: demonstrate, to

demonstrate against (someone or something)

To publicly display opposition to someone or something; to protest against something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating against that big construction project because they feel that we don't need more stores so close to our homes.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate for (someone or something)

To publicly show support for someone or something. Many people in our small town are demonstrating for that big construction project because the closest store right now is 10 miles away.
See also: demonstrate, for
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demonstrate against someone or something

to make a public show against someone or something. The citizens demonstrated against the new policies. A number of protestors demonstrated against the mayor.
See also: demonstrate

demonstrate for someone or something

to make a public show in favor of someone or something. We will all demonstrate for Walter's candidacy. A number of supporters demonstrated for the mayor.
See also: demonstrate, for

demonstrate something to someone

to show someone how something works. Would you please demonstrate this DVD player to me? I may want to buy it. The new products were demonstrated to the board of directors in advance.
See also: demonstrate, to
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Will demonstrate zero-defect molding using its monitoring tools.
Whether you run focus groups, online surveys or general opinion polls, knowing how you changed the perceptions of a company, product, person or an issue truly demonstrates the impact of public relations.
As a technology progresses to execution under 6.3 research funds, the laboratory is expected to demonstrate its viability in an operational significant way.
The basic focus of a crisis intervention communication approach is to demonstrate empathy to establish some type of basic trust relationship and to move the subject out of the overly emotional state to a more rational one by allowing the person to vent his emotions.
* ALTERNATIVE MONITORING PROVISIONS--Although the original March 2000 rule allowed facilities to seek approval of alternative monitoring scenarios in lieu of the specified requirements to demonstrate compliance, it required facilities to prove that the specified monitoring was economically and technically infeasible.
We adults teach and demonstrate the values our children possess.
Some programs simply ask teaching candidates to provide samples of different types of lesson plans, unconnected to school context, as artifacts that go into a portfolio to demonstrate meeting the INTASC standards, Such sample plans, developed in the absence of real learners' needs, do nor provide clear evidence that a candidate can "create instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners."
Logical volumes used to store data in SPC-1 must demonstrate the ability to preserve data across extended periods of power loss without corruption or loss to ensure the benchmark configuration provides enterprise class reliability in the presence of 1/O load.
The seven content standards are: students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention; students will demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and health-promoting products and services; students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks; students will analyze the influence of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health; students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health; students will demonstrate the ability to use goal setting and decision making skills to enhance health; and students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal and community health.
When half an hour's drive easily covers a dozen miles, people can change jobs and stay in their homes." Fisher's study uses Census data to demonstrate the point.
Professor of philosophy at King's College in London, Byrne provides a critical analysis of various efforts to demonstrate the existence of God based upon the phenomena of the moral life.
Because accountability and the need to demonstrate stewardship of public resources are so important, a major goal of governmental accounting and financial reporting is to demonstrate compliance with such finance-related legal and contractual restrictions.
TOP hairdresser Louise Pittam has flown to Paris to demonstrate her skills before an international audience of more than 2,000 experts.