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the demon drink

slang A derogatory phrase for alcohol that emphasizes its negative effects. Woe be to any of you who fall under the spell of the demon drink.
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the demon ˈdrink

(British English, humorous) alcoholic drink: It was the demon drink that made me act in that way.
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speed demon

1. n. a fast runner; a fast driver. Tom is a speed demon. He qualified for the Olympics.
2. n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. (Drugs.) When they are high, most speed demons don’t know what they are doing.
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This demonically angry young woman embodies the countercultural hatred of her father's America: her whole life has become a refutation of her father's values.
Panetti had an extensively documented history of delusional behavior, (56) including an incident in 1986 where he buried valuables in his backyard because he believed they were demonically possessed.
There was, as we know, an entirely different plan demonically devised for them, and it unfolded prophetically on that day when the local police, eager to fulfill their grim commission, came knocking at Starzynski's door.
Both the power of evil, represented by the demonically controlled NICE, and the power of good, represented by the company of St.
The pressure of this generation is creating an opportunity that we can have a God-induced change or we could have a demonically inspired mess-up that could produce this change.
We see, therefore, what readers have always seen: that Goblin Market contains a Christian narrative of temptation by the delights of the world offered by demonically motivated forces; transgression of divine command; redemption through imitation of divine self-sacrifice.
But throughout the melee, on a sideways proscenium of sorts, two squiggly lines continue to roil, merge, and disentangle in a separate drama of their own, otherwise unmoved by their demonically possessed surroundings.
They became skilled in Babylonian philosophy, and their heritage was demonically destroyed in the devious process.
Bennet (Alex Kingston, a bustling flurry of sighs and tears, a high class Miss Piggy), tore into Lady Catherine de Bourgh (a demonically acidic Lindsay Duncan).
The man who chooses to short-circuit generationality this way is not coincidentally a tyrant whose "chiefest" city, Antioch, bears his name and no one else's; he is a demonically powerful version of a single author.
From the standpoint of the Counterreformation this attack on the reality of the Catholic belief system was demonically inspired and tended toward atheism.
How could a serious thinker like Justin one minute claim the Greeks were both demonically inspired and plagiarists, and the next that Jesus Christ, the Logos, gave them a system comparable to Christianity?
It appears that every generation needs a holier-than-thou ideological mantra (or a new national symbol) with which to wrap themselves virtuously while belaboring their opponents as the political equivalent of demonically possessed.
Even though the event doesn't change, average viewers patiently wait for several cycles, turning their heads in a slow motion Wimbledon swivel; perhaps mesmerised by the possibility of catastrophe or simply by the movement of something shiny (as are sheep and magpies) and the enviable, albeit demonically repetitious, powers of the mind on display.
Monet had an iron physique, worked demonically hard, and was willing to endure severe climates and extreme hardship in order to capture the violence of storms at sea.