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like a demon

An intensifier used when one puts forth great effort to do something. I'm planning to fight like a demon against this illness, so I'm researching both Western and Eastern methods of treatment. We've been working like demons to get the update finished before the Christmas break.
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speed demon

1. Someone who drives very fast in their car, especially over the legal speed limit. I used to be an awful speed demon, but I got so many tickets that I nearly lost my license. OK, I know we're running late, but there's no need to be such a speed demon. I'd rather arrive alive.
2. An athlete who runs, skates, swims, cycles, etc., very fast. The team's new running back is one hell of a speed demon. The speed demon already had eight Olympic gold medals for cycling, and he finally added a Tour de France championship to his list of accolades.
3. Someone or something that performs an action much faster than is usual. I can't believe you've already read through all these reports. You're a real speed demon! Th tablet's new CPU is a speed demon, all right, but it eats through the battery like nobody's business.
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the demon drink

slang A derogatory phrase for alcohol that emphasizes its negative effects. Woe be to any of you who fall under the spell of the demon drink.
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the demon ˈdrink

(British English, humorous) alcoholic drink: It was the demon drink that made me act in that way.
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speed demon

1. n. a fast runner; a fast driver. Tom is a speed demon. He qualified for the Olympics.
2. n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. (Drugs.) When they are high, most speed demons don’t know what they are doing.
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"It was the MQM that challenged the demonic military of Pakistan and its tactics to control the country's resources and democratic system," said Hussain.
and now she called kath a demonic girlfriend geezus you know this already bc ito lagi alibi mo but im saying it anyway
"It was through studying nightmares I realised in the ancient world people attacked by what were then invisible bacteria or viruses gave a face to their ill-fortune - often a demonic one.
La dichotomie entre une cause naturelle et une cause demoniaque etait cependant tout sauf nette, comme le rappelle l'auteur : << The diagnosis of a natural disease did not necessarily mean the denial of demonic involvement.
The idea of demonic magic was thus grounded in an inherent rationality in the early modern world; to attribute something to the work of the devil implied one knew exactly how it worked.
Another member of the association, Father Aldo Buonaiuto said that the increase in demonic possessions during the month of October is due to how people are now celebrating the Halloween.
John Damascene stressed the irrevocable character ot the demonic rejection ot Oods friendship, rather than any supposed defect in Divine Mercy, as that which makes the sin of the fallen angels unforgivable.
'Cedric the Demonic Knight.' The fantasy romance novel follows Cedric and his companion, Angeline, on a medieval adventure that leads them into several epic battles with werewolves, chimeras, and demons.
If you happen to find yourself in the midst of a demonic possession but between work and taking care of the kids you just haven't had time to get to your primary care exorcist, you may be in luck.
Demonic possession is held by Christians to be the control of an individual by a malevolent preternatural being.
Demonic reapers are consuming more and more human souls and killing more angelic reapers.
also contextualizes inquisitorial regulations with early modern Scholastic reflection on gender, homosexuality, and demonic possession--e.g., that of Thomas Sanchez, S.J.
Liberation from empire; demonic possession and exorcism in the Gospel of Mark.
One daughter, Angie, 29, described him as "the most evil, vile, demonic criminal," adding: "He is dead to me."
And rather than revolve around a young girl's demonic possession, the story will focus upon a series of clever debates between the demon and the priests.