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the demon drink

slang A derogatory phrase for alcohol that emphasizes its negative effects. Woe be to any of you who fall under the spell of the demon drink.
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the demon ˈdrink

(British English, humorous) alcoholic drink: It was the demon drink that made me act in that way.
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speed demon

1. n. a fast runner; a fast driver. Tom is a speed demon. He qualified for the Olympics.
2. n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. (Drugs.) When they are high, most speed demons don’t know what they are doing.
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We were told by the paranormal investigator that we have an incubus demon - the worst type of demon you can get.
Players of the tabletop roleplaying game can descend into the Underdark in Out of the Abyss, a new adventure which provides details on the demon lords rampaging the Underdark.
Susan, of East " Calder, West Lothian, paid PS72 a month for Demon.
Son of a human healer Carys and the god Pan, Demon has an unusual talent: he can communicate with animals.
Sam had a priest sanctify a lot of human blood bags in a hospital and then takes them to the Men of Letters bunker where he will cure his tied up demon brother Dean.
All current Demon customers are encouraged to contact Energy Magnifier with any questions or concerns as they will handle all orders and fulfillment for the Demon brand in China for 2014 and beyond.
Fiery-breath was another after-life demon whose fire could extinguish a person's life forever.
Mammon introduces a new take on mythology: the idea that humans degenerate and that they become demons.
At the time of writing, some demons had taken over the InsideCatholic.
The weeklong annual fair locally known as 'Kotlu' is held to celebrate the legendry mythological accord reached between Gods and demons.
Emotional exorcism; expelling the four psychological demons that make us backslide.
The security and surveillance services company has launched its DEMON manager enterprise system to address sharing and managing intelligence between law enforcement services nationally and internationally.
THE close season is approaching for club golfers, a good time to face up to your demons.
Our summer mystery aircraft, as many APH readers knew, was the Navy's McDonnell F3H-2 Demon fleet interceptor.
Artemis is off on another rousing adventure in this fifth volume; and this time there's a dash of romance, as he finds himself attracted to a brilliant 12-year-old girl, who has successfully stolen a demon right out from under his nose.