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demolition job

1. A very critical attack on someone or something, especially through media outlets. The movie critic did a real demolition job on the new film in last week's paper.
2. A resounding, thorough victory over one's opponent. After Ireland's demolition job against Scotland last week, they now stand poised to win the Six Nations Championship.
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do a demolition job on (someone or something)

To make a very critical attack on someone or something, especially through media outlets. The movie critic did a real demolition job on the new film in last week's paper.
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a demolition job

1. If you do a demolition job on someone or something, you criticize them strongly and effectively. His speech was a sustained demolition job on the prime minister's strategy.
2. If you do a demolition job on an opponent, you defeat them completely. Byram drove home his second goal to make it 3 — 1 and Scott Young completed the demolition job.
See also: demolition, job
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Former tourism secretary Gemma Cruz Araneta deplored the demolition.
In addition to the above, MGL Demolition has also been appointed by key client Sir Robert McAlpine to carry out enabling works ahead of the partial demolition of the Gates Shopping Centre in Durham.
Perth Demolition Company's Recycling Friendly Demolition program focuses on handpicking and stripping out any salvageable bricks, roof tiles, timber, windows and doors in good condition and passing them on to local salvage yards that run a green recycling program in Perth.
Man of Influence When he isn't one of the hand-picked judges at the World Demolition Awards, or at the Construction News Specialist Awards, Tipton-born Woodward runs the UK's foremost demolition training and demolition consultancy company, C&D Consultancy.
We strongly recommend that in situations such as the demolition of the PeaceHealth Clinic, buildings first should receive a comprehensive lead risk assessment and lead-based paint inspection by an independent, certified organization, to verify the presence and location of lead paint.
In Al- Esawiyah, demolition of a house 2 Floors which is under construction for Ms.
Demolition operatives work at three main levels of responsibility, each with slightly different duties.
The demolition operative 2 (mattockman/woman) strips out fittings, removes doors and windows, puts up roof protection, demolishes old roof structures and demolishes by hand.
Demolition professionals are often faced with misconceptions about the work they do, according to the association.
A number of green groups are working to reduce construction waste, but the EPA estimates that only eight percent of C&D debris is actually from building sites--the rest is from renovations and demolition.
The demolition contractor, a division of Progress Rail Services, Albertville, Ala.
280B allowed for the immediate expensing of a structure's demolition costs (except for certain historic structures).
has developed a building demolition machine that has the world's highest working range of over 65 meters.
The Cuddy Group has been named as the UK's biggest demolition specialist.