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demand (something) of (someone or something)

To insist that someone or something do, provide, or relinquish something. I demand the full attention of my students, so if you plan to nap or socialize in here, then you might as well drop this class right now. You're really demanding a lot of our washer by throwing such a big load in there.
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*tough on someone

severe and demanding in dealing with someone. (*Typically: act ~; be ~; become ~; get~.) My boss is very tough on me, but I need the structure and discipline.
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This might be due to the fact that the students here are more interested in the respective contents than regular students; highly demanding lessons might then satisfy this interest and compensate for any inconvenience highly demanding tasks may create.
The Applegates had one year to fix the price by demanding payment.
"We also believe that the demonstrated safety performance of Alcoa's aluminum structures will be very important in helping Ferrari satisfy Europe's demanding safety requirements."
The entrepreneurial classes are demanding new, cost-cutting, efficiency-enhancing technologies as soon as these are shown to be posible and before benchmarks for their potential supply can be established.
Such a policy will result in continued support from an increasingly demanding citizenry that will continue to scrutinize any controversial police action.