demand from

demand (something) from (one)

To insist that someone do, provide, or relinquish something. I demand full attention from my students, so if you plan to nap or socialize in here, then you might as well drop this class right now.
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demand something from someone or something

 and demand something of someone or something
to command that something be received from someone or a group or something; to demand that someone or a group or something do something. The muggers demanded money from everyone. The petitioners demanded a response from the board of directors. She demanded too much of her automobile.
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In the next step, we create second demand time series, in such way that first demand from original time series is set to the end of the original time series.
True demand is more elusive for companies upstream in the supply chain because they must estimate true demand from orders received from retailers or wholesalers.
Demand for gold will remain robust during 2010 as a result of accelerating demand from India and China, as well as increasing global investment demand driven by continuing uncertainty over public debt and economic recovery, the World Gold Council (WGC) said.
* Indian jewellery demand rose 291 per cent to 147.5 tonnes, there was continued strong demand from China and signs of recovery in Turkey and the Middle East.
Prices remain relatively strong for OCC following a period of hot buying driven by high demand from mills in the Southeast.
in Sichuan Province, Kobelco can flexibly meet demand from inland and coastal regions.
Recyclers' optimism is also fed by strong export demand from China since last June.
On-demand sourcing from a mix of internal and external capabilities implicitly refers to the use of components that have been either custom built, purchased from vendors or obtained on demand from outside the insurer's four walls.
It should now be clear that the Federal Reserve caused, or at least accommodated, the bubble in aggregate nominal demand from early 1998 through early 2000.
Strong demand from other industries insulated Barcelona's office market from the sharp decline in the telecom sector that has occurred in the last couple years.
The rate of growth of global demand from 1999 to 2000 was 1.6%, i.e., by 1.2m b/d from 74.7m b/d to 75.6m b/d, according to the Paris-based IEA.
The introduction of a higher-denomination bank note saves printing and processing costs, but only to the extent that the public shifts its demand from $100s to larger-denomination notes.
Motor Vehicles--Based on the reduced demand from light vehicle and truck manufacturers, ductile iron consumption in this market sector is expected to decrease 9% to 970,000 tons in '96.
"The committee expects the trends of the past two years to continue, with increased light weight belting demand from the food processing and package handling industries, and steady consumption of heavy weight belt from the heavy construction and mining sectors," the RMA said.
It's a rare company that has stable demand from the standpoint of both volume and product variety.