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delve into (something)

To study something thoroughly. Because I was eager to delve into that novel further, I decided to write about it for my term paper.
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delve into something

to examine or study something carefully; to enter into the examination or study of something. He delved into the solution of the problem facing him. I am just now delving into a study of the Trojan War.
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"Burnt-out vans have appeared on the Delves Green Common.
At Delves Lane in the region of PS100,000 Capital funding from the DfE Capital Maintenance Grant will be used to improve the condition of the junior building and at Sacriston in the region of PS475,000 will be used from the same grant to adapt the infant and junior buildings.
Mr Delves, a director of family printing business Masterphoto in South Dublin, was a keen sportsman and a respected coach at St Maur's.
Mrs Ross, also from Delves Lane, added: "Our children are due to start at Blackfyne instead of Moorside in September when they go into Year 10.
Delves says his company now operates in 22 markets throughout the Caribbean.
'' A woman living nearby shouted and Delves and the group ran off.
Correct me if I'm wrong (see above), but Lady Rona Delves Broughton used to sponsor the Evelyn Delves Broughton Maiden Fillies' Stakes at Chester's May meeting, named in memory of her husband, Sir Evelyn.
He delves (pardon the pun) into the ongoing debate over expensing options, noting, "Executive compensation practices are about to change.
SCOUNTRYSIDEProperties' highly acclaimed 714acreWychwood Park, situated between Crewe and Nantwich in the heart Cheshire,moves towards the opening of its five hamlets of residential development, Christmas cheer awaits purchasers who snap up the remaining homes at The Vistas and Delves Keep.
However, when she delves into the daily lives of Africans in the eighteenth-century London, she produces much new and interesting material.
BIRMINGHAM social workers could not have prevented the horrific killing of ninemonth-old Harli Delves Reid, who was shaken to death by her father.
ADAM DELVES won his first Cleveland Srixon Northern Order of Merit event by two shots in the Astbury Jewel.
Robert Delves is understood to have leaned against the rail at a third-storey apartment and fell when it came loose.
The community cleanup of County Durham village Delves Lane starts on October 18 after residents raised concerns about dog fouling and roadside rubbish.