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delve into (something)

To study something thoroughly. Because I was eager to delve into that novel further, I decided to write about it for my term paper.
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delve into something

to examine or study something carefully; to enter into the examination or study of something. He delved into the solution of the problem facing him. I am just now delving into a study of the Trojan War.
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This project will make a great difference to the Delves area in enhancing leisure facilities for young people of all ages, it is apositive move to have the LNP's support and backing.
Delves Lane was awarded a grant from environment organisation MINT ( Making an Impact on Nature ( to produce an ornamental garden in the shape of the school badge.
This system has been a total waste of our money," said Tony Westgarth, chairman of Delves Lane Community Association.
But before that was carried out they moved onto the nearby grassed area on Walstead Road, while others parked up on nearby Delves Green Common.
Sacriston Nursery and Infant School and Sacriston Junior School are located on the same site and, as with Delves Lane, one head teacher has overseen the running of the two schools since last year.
Investigators believe Mr Delves fell 32ft from a balcony when a rail separated from brickwork.
Mrs Ross, also of Delves Lane, said both her daughter and Ms Walton's attended Moorside School before it was amalgamated with another at Blackfyne to form an academy, which opened in January this year.
Roger Delves, from Ashridge Business School, was guest speaker at a breakfast morning hosted by Catalyst Corporate Finance on behalf of the Managing Partners Forum.
If companies looked only at per-capita income, no one would invest in a market like Haiti," said Digicel's CEO, Colin Delves.
The play delves into questions of art and race, certainly, but also into issues of character, responsibility and judgment.
Here Bryant delves into the popular Little White Chicks series featuring "some of the biggest studs Black porn has to offer .
dollars from remittances and low cell-phone penetration in Haiti means there is room to grow, Delves says.
Our grandmother was Ethel Parrish of Fullbrook Road, Delves.
Gary Delves, 18, of Morris Road, Up Holland, put his 45 year -old victim in intensive care for two months.