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delve into (something)

To study something thoroughly. Because I was eager to delve into that novel further, I decided to write about it for my term paper.
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delve into something

to examine or study something carefully; to enter into the examination or study of something. He delved into the solution of the problem facing him. I am just now delving into a study of the Trojan War.
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All three keynotes were inspiring and offered something for everyone to reflect upon, said Delver.
NONAGRAM: alive' aver' avid' DAREDEVIL' deliver' delve' delved' delver' derive' derived' deva' devil' diva' dive' dived' diver' drive' drivel' elver' evade' evaded' evader' ever' evil' lave' laver' leave' leaved' leaver' lever' levied' live' lived' liver' rave' raved' ravel' reave' reive' relive' relived' reveal' revel' revile' reviled' rival' rive' rived' vale' valid' varied' veal' veer' veil' veiled' velar' veld' vial' vide' vied' vile' viral.
Carmen Reservoir: The trout truck will delver 3,500 "catchable" rainbow.
Dennis Fabrizio Filippo Warren Marcello Cabezas Jessica Marya Delver Woody Harrelson's decision to make his Canadian directing debut with Kenneth Lonergan's 1996 play is mainly responsible for the pre-opening buzz surrounding this show in Toronto, but the end result proves solid enough to make the show more than just a celebrity success.
They will meet an arachnid named Mighty Tom, a vicious purebred chow named Hottentot, a fortuneteller called the Delver, a snake charmer, a Russian-German healer, two ex-thespians, a sheriff and an undertaker who will play deadly roles in the town's history, and a mysterious Cree, who will remind readers of one of Erdrich's most fascinating characters, Fleur Pillager from Tracks.
It is our claim that Nietzsche was primarily an ontologist -- a philosopher of the real, a delver and discloser of the hidden truth of the cosmos -- and that his ontology was rooted in and succeeded in achieving an intended advance upon the scientific principles of his time.
Peter's comfortable-to-the-point-of-stagnant relationship with librarian Leslie (Nancy Sivak, from Dirty and memorable in Bruce Spangler's Protection) is about to be threatened by the arrival of the beautiful student poetess Laurel (Marya Delver, waydowntown and also a member of the Dirty ensemble).
Alphonse Mingana was a great delver into obscure ancient manuscripts, many now apparently having lapsed into the obscurity from which he thought to have rescued them.
The principal "delver" in all this was Managing Editor Linda Zinn.
For this, it looked to the "custom of the port doctrine.(53) The court stated that "while contract and maritime law generally will dictate into whose custody an ocean carrier is required to delver cargo, such law will be overridden by the established law or custom of the port of delivery.(54) Here the record reflected that the custom and laws of the Venezuelan port at issue "require ocean carriers to deliver cargo to an authorized customs warehouse pending clearance.(55)
But there is much that is new here except to the most assiduous delver in contemporary periodicals and newspapers: most important, perhaps, the influential collaborative Prefaces to Oxford Poetry 1926 and 1927, the previously unreprinted and revealing essay on 'The Group Movement and the Middle Classes' from Richard Crossman's Oxford and the Groups, 'In Search of Dracula', the narrative of an expedition to central Europe in 1934, written in archly Down-with-Skool style for the Downs School magazine, Auden and Isherwood's variously published journalism from the China trip and, a real find, several reviews for the Birmingham Town Crier in 1938, including one that praises the novel Living by his fellow Brummy Henry Green.
It has been shown in laboratory cultures (Rodriguez 1958, Breukel and Post 1959, Rodriguez and Campbell 1961) and greenhouses or nurseries (Rodriguez 1958, Breukel and Post 1959, van de Vrie and Boersma 1970, van de Vrie and Delver 1979) that leaves containing higher levels of nitrogen host higher densities of P.