delve into

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delve into (something)

To study something thoroughly. Because I was eager to delve into that novel further, I decided to write about it for my term paper.
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delve into something

to examine or study something carefully; to enter into the examination or study of something. He delved into the solution of the problem facing him. I am just now delving into a study of the Trojan War.
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References in classic literature ?
Professor Beecher, young and foolish, would not consent to delve into the riches of the ancient city, being too much chagrined over the loss of the idol.
But the deeper the Freudians delve into the underground regions of instinct, the further they travel from anything resembling conscious desire, and the less possible it becomes to believe that only positive self-deception conceals from us that we really wish for things which are abhorrent to our explicit life.
It's the time and space in his scripts that he uses to delve into character.
COVENTRIANS are being offered the chance to delve into their past at a free activity day at a city museum this weekend.
There are actually so many different ways to delve into Thomas Gibbons' ``Permanent Collection'' that it's tricky to find the ideal entry point.
When he started his influential career over half a century ago, understanding the oeuvres of the still active Frank Lloyd Wright, Gropius and Le Corbusier had an urgency that compelled him to delve into the very origins of Modernism.
For the uninitiated reader, who still may mistake spare lines of poetry for a lack of content, I highly recommend that they delve into this tight collection by award-winning master poet, Lucille Clifton.
Locketz also recommends reading the fine print on applications, particularly the waiver agreement that gives a prospective employer permission to delve into your background.
To illustrate German communitarian values, the authors delve into German Mitbestimmung (worker codetermination).
Conference will delve into industry and specific company growth drivers for the near term and what new technologies are on the horizon across the spectrum of orthopedic specialties
In a nutshell: Attempt to delve into the everyday lives of Baltimore firefighters seems both generic and phony.
NEW YORK -- Conference will delve into technical aspects of high potential emerging plays that have opened for independent oil and gas producers as a result of technological advances and higher commodity prices.
com, and PETCO benefit from a credible and reliable customer-to-customer community, without having to delve into complex IT work or the laborious process of community management.