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labor under the delusion of/that

To live, operate, or function with the unyielding belief in something, especially that which is fanciful, unrealistic, or untrue. Primarily heard in US. Jeremy's always labored under the delusion of being a great writer, even though he's never written more than a few crummy poems. No one likes paying taxes, but those who would call for them to be done away with altogether are laboring under the delusion that our society can function without them!
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delusions of grandeur

Unrealistic beliefs about the amount of power and influence one has. You're just an intern, so you definitely have delusions of grandeur if you think the boss is going to listen to you!
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delusions of grandeur

a false impression of your own importance.
This expression is the equivalent of the French phrase folie de grandeur , which came into English in the late 19th century and is still used today.
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delusions of ˈgrandeur

(often humorous) a belief that you are more important than you really are: He’s been suffering from delusions of grandeur ever since he became manager.
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His delusional thought content is becoming more disorganized.
Part of the reason for doubting this is the limited way that many delusional people connect their delusions to the rest of their psychic lives.
Major Finding: None of 121 biopsies; 80 patient provided "specimens"; or the dozens of mycobacterial, fungal, bacterial, and viral tests of skin, tongue, sputum, hair, or muscle performed for 108 patients with delusional infestation yielded any objective evidence of infestation.
On the other hand, delusional are those who think that the wave of Arab change will not reach them.
The husband relied on the testimony of a medical professional--a university psychology professor who instructed on delusional disorder.
Primary DP is a delusional disorder of the somatic type in which the person has a fixed belief in some physical defect or medical condition.
How likely is antipsychotic medication to restore a defendant with delusional disorder to competency?
Prosecutors say her claims show she is delusional but Smirnoff insists she believes it.
The prosecution says the accusations prove Smirnoff, who is 49 and from Paris, is delusional, but she said: "I am not delusional.
MAYBE I'm delusional or crazy," said Audley Harrison this week when trying to explain why he thought he could still be a world champion.
Alexander's face remains ever filled with hope that her hapless husband might just not muck this one up, yet something in the corners of her eyes suggests she understands just how delusional she's being.
Even if one supports the changes mentioned in the article, it is delusional to think that they would have any impact on abortion rates.
It creates in him a delusional sense that he and his nation have been chosen by God for special responsibilities and special favors--fostering the perilous perception that his norms are absolute norms, his form of government automatically superior to all others, and his spiritual tradition the only really true religion.
Once systematized into faith, religion (theistic religion anyway) leads its followers to dehumanize non-believers and heretics, to ignore or even enjoy their pain, to devalue earthly life and fantasize about a delusional afterlife.