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labor under the delusion of/that

To live, operate, or function with the unyielding belief in something, especially that which is fanciful, unrealistic, or untrue. Primarily heard in US. Jeremy's always labored under the delusion of being a great writer, even though he's never written more than a few crummy poems. No one likes paying taxes, but those who would call for them to be done away with altogether are laboring under the delusion that our society can function without them!
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delusions of grandeur

Unrealistic beliefs about the amount of power and influence one has. You're just an intern, so you definitely have delusions of grandeur if you think the boss is going to listen to you!
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delusions of grandeur

a false impression of your own importance.
This expression is the equivalent of the French phrase folie de grandeur , which came into English in the late 19th century and is still used today.
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delusions of ˈgrandeur

(often humorous) a belief that you are more important than you really are: He’s been suffering from delusions of grandeur ever since he became manager.
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The patient's mother experienced auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions.
Davis of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn, noting that anxiety, depression, and medications such as opioids or treatments for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can contribute to the delusions.
Key words: prodrome, primary delusion, culture, sociopolitical environment, behavior
The resection of the tumor in the left frontal region with perifocal edema compressing the frontal horn of bilateral ventricles resulted in the resolution of jealous delusion, but the persecutory delusions and other behavioral disturbances resolved after 3-month of aripiprazole treatment as 20 mg/day.
Delusions of grandeur, of importance, the delusion that interactive actually engages anyone beyond spotty little brats with too much time and devices at their disposal -- even the delusion that our award winners will free the world of dictators, hunger, drought and halitosis.
A nihilistic delusion of the nonexistence or dissolution of a body part; in extreme form, the delusion of being dead or nonexistent.
Initially, Cotard formulated that the condition would be a new kind of depression characterized by anxious melancholy, condemnation of ideas, insensitivity to pain, negation delusion of the organs, and immortality delusion.
The related but distinct doctrine of insane delusions asks whether an irrational delusion affected certain provisions of an otherwise valid will.
In this case report, our aim is to discuss how disorders with psychotic symptoms may affect different cultural life styles, circumstances, experience, delusion contents of identification and acceptance in a patient formerly diagnosed with DSD with male- pseudohermaphroditism and followed up with the diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder (BAD).
I KNOW it seems a bit pathetic writing about an essay question that appeared in the Greek paper of the university entrance exams, but this was the probably the most inspired essay subject ever as it highlighted a disease of epidemic proportions in Kyproulla -- delusions.
We will then focus on the verbal nature of delusions from a behavioral perspective, explain how it may be implicated in their maintenance, and present a pilot study to evaluate the influence of rule-following in delusion maintenance.
The Fregoli Delusion provides another Donaghue and Stainer crime novel and is recommended for both prior fans of the dynamic duo and newcomers who need no prior introduction to the other three stories to appreciate the scenarios here.
LISTENING to Sir Terry Leahy on Desert Island Discs, it was interesting to note that he suffers from a popular form of self delusion among the more recently successful that the world only started with them.
2 illustrates just as vividly, that all individuals are subject to some form of delusion.