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delude (someone or oneself) into (something)

To cause someone to believe something that is not true. I don't know how she deluded herself into thinking that she could continue to live in this dangerous neighborhood. My husband had deluded me into thinking that he had forgotten my birthday so that he could surprise me with a party.
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delude (someone) with (something)

To use something to induce someone to believe falsehoods. The realtor must have deluded Elizabeth with lies—why else would she have moved into such a dangerous neighborhood?
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delude someone into something

to fool someone into thinking something. You can't delude me into believing you. Todd deluded himself into believing he was back at home.
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delude someone with something

to fool or trick someone with something. She deluded us with her clever talk. Don't delude yourself with false hopes.
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But we may actually be deluding ourselves and heading down a potentially destructive path instead.
We may be deluding ourselves by looking forward to ``Unfaithful,'' infidelity specialist Adrian Lyne's reported return to ``Fatal Attraction'' form; Steven Spielberg's sci-fi psychological thriller ``Minority Report,'' starring Tom Cruise and adapted from a story by the always interesting Philip K.
For example, domestic lenders are deluding themselves -- and increasing the risk of defaults -- if they think that keeping most debt maturities relatively short -- less than three years -- is a substitute for proper credit analysis and appropriately matching debt maturities with funding needs," he said.
But the studios aren't necessarily deluding themselves about this round of warm-weather prospects, if only for one hard-to-dispute reason: Just about everything coming out between Friday and Labor Day has worked before.
The saving, killing, healing, hurting, disorienting, disturbing, deluding, creative, confusing and confounding powers of passion are Carax's subjects, and he orchestrates them into an intoxicating - yet somehow credible - symphony of transcendent emotion.
The MTA board is deluding themselves into believing they are the victim .
But Ripken, who appeared in his 2,576th straight game Saturday night against the Angels, is probably deluding himself on the point.