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delude (someone or oneself) into (something)

To cause someone to believe something that is not true. I don't know how she deluded herself into thinking that she could continue to live in this dangerous neighborhood. My husband had deluded me into thinking that he had forgotten my birthday so that he could surprise me with a party.
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delude (someone) with (something)

To use something to induce someone to believe falsehoods. The realtor must have deluded Elizabeth with lies—why else would she have moved into such a dangerous neighborhood?
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delude someone into something

to fool someone into thinking something. You can't delude me into believing you. Todd deluded himself into believing he was back at home.
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delude someone with something

to fool or trick someone with something. She deluded us with her clever talk. Don't delude yourself with false hopes.
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Society needs to be protected from 269life - a group spawned in Israel that took its name from the number burned into a calf 's body - and its deluded disciples.
|A deluded Lachlan begs Alicia to tell the truth in tonight's Emmerdale Rebecca gets a new Goth look Rebecca gets a new Goth look |
Eoe1/4EoIt appears that the American administration, which deluded Arabs and Muslims into believing it would tread a path different to that of the previous administration, ...
BEIRUT: The new US administration has deluded Arabs and Muslims into believing it would chart a course away from the policies of the Bush era, one of the leading religious authorities in Shiite Islam said.
Nevertheless, when the mass media attempt to smear Helms and, by extension, conservative beliefs in general, they imply that the longtime senator is probably a racist, either deluded or misinformed with the ridiculous or insignificant notion that the sainted Rev.
In Shakespeare's protagonists--Hamlet, Iago, Macbeth, Falstaff, but pre-eminently in that deluded old King Lear--one finds about as much wisdom as life yields and all that one can bear.
Recyclers who may have been deluded into thinking some of the volatility of commodity markets was disappearing have seen that notion fade into the background again in the past 18 months.
Why have they been deluded by the mantra of "church unity" which, at its best, is a speckled reality and at its worst, is nothing more than a stalling tactic for the outdated conservative and literal mindset?
But perhaps these two are not quite that deluded, perhaps all they actually anticipate is the occasionally gore-splattered maintenance of the region's awful status quo.
As we transform the merzbanks back into furniture (i.e., sit on them) in order to watch a video positioned at the center of the installation, we hear its artisanal, Renaissance Faire sound track as a deluded dream about the triumph of individual creativity over the homogenizing forces of modern mechanization.
Two quotations will do for now: "Those Christians who feel at home in the United States can do so only because they have buffered themselves from the brutal conditions of poverty, blinded themselves to the realities of racism, and deluded themselves into imagining that the vast military force of this country is the agent of justice." And: "Those summoned to do justice will get battered around in life.
To some extent the mood darkens in Twelfth Night, where "[n] o consistent moral can be drawn" when "Olivia and Orsino are just as deluded as Malvolio," yet the former are rewarded and latter is punished "without pretense of reform" (193).
It's amazing to me, a nonacademic, how easily some folks are deluded by a "scholarly" book because it supports their position.