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delude (someone or oneself) into (something)

To cause someone to believe something that is not true. I don't know how she deluded herself into thinking that she could continue to live in this dangerous neighborhood. My husband had deluded me into thinking that he had forgotten my birthday so that he could surprise me with a party.
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delude (someone) with (something)

To use something to induce someone to believe falsehoods. The realtor must have deluded Elizabeth with lies—why else would she have moved into such a dangerous neighborhood?
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delude someone into something

to fool someone into thinking something. You can't delude me into believing you. Todd deluded himself into believing he was back at home.
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delude someone with something

to fool or trick someone with something. She deluded us with her clever talk. Don't delude yourself with false hopes.
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DeLude proudly points out that the school attracts students from all over Oahu and provides one-fourth of its student body with financial aid.
We start with the basics of caring teachers, working with parents, to encourage diligence, inspire curiosity, and provide support for student success," DeLude adds.
Delude said she has worked to keep the library's collection well rounded.
Delude didn't always know she would be a librarian; her first career was as a social worker.
Delude credits the support of the town and town manager.
We actually already had wireless in place at the library for some time, but up until the recent change it's only been available in one spot (called a `hot spot' because of its ability to pick up wireless Internet access) in the library," Delude said.
Delude said wireless access is especially helpful to college students working on research papers.
Mark Delude, 39, was nabbed as he crawled under a wire fence after sneaking out to buy beer and cigarettes.
Yet now the hated proposal has been dropped and Sinn Fein is trying to delude the rest of us into thinking that they never supported it in the first place.
Steinberg thinks animals should be treated decently and eaten guiltlessly, and then deludes himself into thinking that the animals aren't really suffering at all.