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special delivery

1. A postal service by which letters or packages are delivered outside of the scheduled mail delivery times for an extra fee. I sent that parcel by special delivery so that you would get it in time for your birthday.
2. A phrase said humorously when giving something to someone, especially if the item is unappealing. A: "Special delivery: here's the report you need to work on!" B: "Gee, thanks."
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cash on delivery

Describing an arrangement in which payment is made when something is delivered (typically a package). You know, you're expected to pay cash on delivery when the package gets here.
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ˌcash on deˈlivery

(abbr. COD) a system of paying for goods when they are delivered: Do I need to pay now or will you take cash on delivery?
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86-272 does not provide guidance as to whether delivery by a company in its own vehicles will comprise a protected activity under Federal law.
He said that his personal copy, mailed about a mile from his home, varied in delivery from the next day to two weeks.
The third element required physicians to engage in the political process of negotiation regarding health care delivery.
The results were similar in analyses that included only births for which complete records were available and in analyses restricted to births that occurred at or after 40 weeks' gestation (to exclude any women who had planned a cesarean delivery at term but had undergone an emergency procedure before the scheduled date).
86-272 extends immunity to the solicitation of orders and to the shipment or delivery of the goods ordered.
The new metrics, including service delivery total price list, unit price list, and incentives models, enable users to comprehensively track revenue generated from delivered services.
As early as the 1940s, Congress recognized the variety of delivery systems and that some did not involve an employment relationship between the newspaper publisher and delivery agents.
In addition, pSivida has granted Faber co-exclusive rights to the Durasert[TM], Zanisert[TM] and Co-Drug[TM] drug delivery technologies for other infectious diseases.
Citrix application delivery infrastructure solutions help companies ensure the best performance, security and total cost of ownership (TCO) of mission-critical business applications as they travel over the network to end users.
We are very pleased to have entered into this joint program with a partner who brings considerable materials experience and global industrial presence to complement our drug delivery expertise," said Dr Roger Brimblecombe, Chairman and CEO of pSivida Limited.
Direct intratumoral delivery of genes encoding therapeutic proteins, using electroporation to dramatically enhance cellular uptake and expression of plasmid-based genes, represents a novel form of cancer therapy that along with skin and muscle DNA vaccination is a key part of the overall DNA delivery franchise being developed by Inovio.
While early morning, morning and end-of-day delivery times have become the standard for deliveries within the United States, importers and exporters have long had only one or two time-of-day delivery options for international air shipments.
k=arr016&x=0&y=0) says that the global market for drug delivery technology is worth in excess of US$25 billion in sales.
SAN DIEGO -- Inovio Biomedical Corporation (AMEX:INO) announced today that it has exercised an existing option with RMR, LLC to license certain patented technology relating to the delivery of gene-based therapeutics into skin.