deliver (someone or oneself) of (something)

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deliver (someone or oneself) of (something)

1. To rescue or free someone from a difficulty or burden. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "deliver" and "of." Ugh, nothing will deliver us of all the extra work we've inherited since Jane retired. The act of confession finally delivered me of my guilt.
2. To say something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "deliver" and "of." I can't believe he delivered himself of such inappropriate language in front of children!
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deliver someone of something

to free someone from some burden or problem; to liberate someone from some confinement. He was looking for someone to deliver him of his burdensome responsibility. He was delivered of his burden.
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deliver (oneself) of

To pronounce; utter: Before leaving I delivered myself of a few choice comments.
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References in classic literature ?
She begged permission to remain, and promised to turn her back, and so on, but I was obdurate, and she then delivered herself of a passionately affectionate farewell to her charge, which was really all directed against me, and ended with these powerful words: "And if he takes off your socks, my pretty, may he be blasted for evermore."
Her face brightened and she put her hands together and delivered herself of this speech, most feelingly:
Also, Polina herself had mentioned to me her dislike for him, and delivered herself of some remarkable confessions on the subject.
Before making the final separation from the piece, she delivered herself of her doubts.
A big touring car, dashing past, threw a dusty pause in her singing, and Saxon delivered herself of her latest wisdom.
It would require a painter, and no common painter too, to depict my aunt's face as she delivered herself of this very unexpected sentiment, and Miss Murdstone's face as she heard it.
She then delivered herself of a speech, to the following effect:--addressing herself to me, she said, "~You devil!
But he quite forgot his fears; he sat smiling, with his eyes upon her face, while, without moving from her place, she delivered herself of a great number of original reflections.
THERE were three head honchos doing the talking and the egging on and it was fairly standard "ra, ra let's hit those targets" stuff, with a pleasant enough atmosphere until the main lady delivered herself of her world view on human nature.
And as for the portrait of the president, Roberta Smith of the Times delivered herself of the opinion that all of a sudden, one "could read dignity and monumentality into it, as if it were a mock-up for a carving on Mount Rushmore, and see the deep magenta panels flanking the face as an attempt to mix red and blue." Phillips says he actually intended the magenta to evoke the '80s-retro vibe of the younger Bush's presidency, but is well aware that people are now less likely to get this: "The portrait's been separated from the rest of the show.