deliver up to

deliver (something) up to (one)

To give or yield something to someone. I already delivered the budget report up to the finance department, so I can't add these receipts to it now.
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deliver something up to someone

to render or yield something to someone. Will you please deliver the documents up to Jane? Will you please deliver up the documents to Jane?
See also: deliver, to, up
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UPS said that these vehicles, which are being manufactured by Cincinnati-based Workhorse Group, will deliver up to four times the fuel economy of a gasoline-powered vehicle--as opposed to a 10 percent to 15 percent improvement compared to previous hybrid designs.
It's not enough to switch to backup power in 10 seconds, when that interval is enough to lock up a server that runs critical enterprise applications, or to lock up networking systems and fail to deliver up to SLAs (service level agreements).