deliver to

deliver (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To transfer or give someone or something to someone or something else. In his will, my grandfather delivered the deed of his house to me, so I guess I'm a homeowner now.
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deliver someone or something to someone or something

to transfer someone or something to someone or something; to yield over someone or something to someone or something. When will you deliver the deed to me? I will deliver the deed to you when I have your check.
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It is what we pledged to deliver to our combatant commanders and to our nation, and for over a decade, our airmen have performed magnificently.
In 1940, during the height of his nation's struggle for survival, Winston Churchill proclaimed to his war cabinet that the supreme effort of the nation must be "to gain overwhelming mastery of the air." With this brief but prescient comment, he foretold of the strength such mastery would deliver to that nation which controlled the high ground of air and space.
We have to clearly demonstrate the benefits and the value these new technologies and innovations can deliver to their business.
"The education that we can deliver to remote physicians and health-care providers is very well receive, and most importantly, it makes city services so much more accessible to people in remote Ontario."
line of automated libraries to deliver to our customers what we believe will be the industry's most dependable solution."
One such strategy is the so-called variable prepaid forward contract (VPF), under which a taxpayer agrees to deliver to a counterparty, in exchange for an upfront cash payment, an amount of stock in the future that varies based on the stock price.