delight in

delight in (someone or something)

To derive joy from someone or something. I delight in my students—their curiosity keeps my passion for teaching alive. With the way my son delights in being on stage, I think he should really pursue a career in acting.
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delight in someone or something

to take great pleasure in someone or something. I delight in your interest in my work. We all delight in James. What a fine boy!
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delight in

To derive great pleasure or joy from something or someone: The happy couple delighted in taking romantic walks through the park.
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The national press and TV take great delight in perpetuating the image of flat caps, whippets and ignorance.
Some of our top underwriting professionals have "crossed over" (as we delight in chiding them), bringing their considerable skills to bear for such agencies.
"There are the odd few who seem to delight in taking part in phone-ins and talking absolute garbage about the club they are supposed to love.
I NEVER usually write to newspapers or call radio phone-ins --but I'm fed up with some people who do, especially the petty-minded spoilers who delight in slating Liverpool and finding fault with everything about the place,particularly since we won the Capital of Culture title.
A certain radio phone-in show, whose ignorant,oafish presenter took great delight in trotting out all the pathetic old cliches ab out shell suits,crime and opensewers.
We navigated through the tranquil semidarkness of the historical flicks, were transported by a few clips that were as mesmerizing as incunabula, then parked in a space decorated in a kitschy, pseudo-Arabic style, free to browse through films that could be viewed on video monitors and to delight in all kinds of musicals, both saccharine and moving.