delight in

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delight in (someone or something)

To derive joy from someone or something. I delight in my students—their curiosity keeps my passion for teaching alive. With the way my son delights in being on stage, I think he should really pursue a career in acting.
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delight in someone or something

to take great pleasure in someone or something. I delight in your interest in my work. We all delight in James. What a fine boy!
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delight in

To derive great pleasure or joy from something or someone: The happy couple delighted in taking romantic walks through the park.
See also: delight
References in classic literature ?
Yet, if I found such deep delight in thinking of him, and if I kept those thoughts to myself, and troubled no one else with them, where was the harm of it?
Thou'st no delight in following the hounds as an Englishwoman should have,' said the gentleman.
Not merely was there a delight in the flower's perfume, or pleasure in its beautiful form, and the delicacy or brightness of its hue; but Clifford's enjoyment was accompanied with a perception of life, character, and individuality, that made him love these blossoms of the garden, as if they were endowed with sentiment and intelligence.
She said that it had always been thus with Clifford when the humming-birds came,--always, from his babyhood,--and that his delight in them had been one of the earliest tokens by which he showed his love for beautiful things.
Some of our top underwriting professionals have "crossed over" (as we delight in chiding them), bringing their considerable skills to bear for such agencies.
No doubt kids will delight in the possibilities - if they can get parents to buy any of the products.
Kids will delight in the "Up Close and Personal" interviews of all the contestants by their favorite host Big Bird
Throughout, Kerouac embraces an inextinguishable delight in life.