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red sky at night, shepherd's delight

A red sky at sunset is a sign that good weather will follow. The full phrase is "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning." I think we're going to have a nice sunny day tomorrow. Look at that sunset—red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
See also: delight, red, sky

be in a transport of delight

To be extremely happy. I've been in a transport of delight ever since I got engaged—I just can't stop looking at my ring!
See also: delight, of, transport

chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
See also: chuckle, particular

delight (someone) by (doing something)

To please someone by doing something. My husband delighted me by throwing a surprise party for my birthday.
See also: by, delight

delight (someone) with (something)

To give someone something that makes them happy. My husband delighted me with a brand new car for my birthday.
See also: delight

delight in (someone or something)

To derive joy from someone or something. I delight in my students—their curiosity keeps my passion for teaching alive. With the way my son delights in being on stage, I think he should really pursue a career in acting.
See also: delight

ravished with delight

old-fashioned Extremely pleased and happy; absolutely thrilled or delighted. Beatrice was ravished with delight to see Jonathan again as he disembarked the train. Our service will help ensure your guests will leave your establishment ravished with delight.
See also: delight

delight in someone or something

to take great pleasure in someone or something. I delight in your interest in my work. We all delight in James. What a fine boy!
See also: delight

delight someone by something

to please someone with something; to please someone by doing something. (See also delight someone with something.) You delighted me by agreeing to join us. I was delighted by your proposal.
See also: by, delight

delight someone with something

to please someone with something, such as a gift. We delighted Alice with a gift of money. She was delighted with the gift.
See also: delight

ravished with delight

Fig. happy or delighted; overcome with happiness or delight. Mary was ravished with delight by the dozen roses. My parents were ravished with delight when I graduated from college.
See also: delight

delight in

To derive great pleasure or joy from something or someone: The happy couple delighted in taking romantic walks through the park.
See also: delight
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And among them sings one, not mean nor puny, but tall to look upon and enviable in mien, Artemis who delights in arrows, sister of Apollo.
We felt that they were not the tyrants to rule our lot according to their caprice, but the agents and creators of all the many delights which we enjoyed.
Although at first Macpherson's book was received with great delight, soon people began to doubt about it.
Grecian Delight has partnered with Operation Blessing International, which managed the two donation trucks and distribution of the food to the Texas and Florida hurricane impacted areas in need of hunger relief.
The Delight, which was seized on its way to Iran from Germany carrying 36,000 tons of wheat, was freed last Friday night, news agencies said.
The humorous play on words in the title will delight adults.
21 February 2017 - US-based Wendy's restaurant franchisee Delight Restaurant Group has acquired 30 Wendy's restaurants in the Virginia Beach Norfolk metropolitan area, the company said.
ABSTRACT: In this enormously competitive business environment, organizations around the world have employed best strategies to provide higher quality of products and services not only to raise their customer satisfaction but to delight th em.
Tate & Lyle, a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, announces an extension to its line of CLARIA Functional Clean-Label Starches with the addition of CLARIA Delight.
has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire, Cincinnati, Ohio-based, Sunny Delight Beverages Co.
I guess with some people we simply can't contain our delight.
have partnered to offer affordable Java Delight brand coffee products in K-Cup packs for the Keurig brewing system.
OWEN HEARY has revealed his delight that Eoin Wearen has signed for Sligo Rovers - rather than go on trial with Sheffield United.
Moonlight Trading Company is distributing the Esra Lokum Turkish Delight brand, established in 1993 in Turkey, to all supermarkets and hypermarkets on the island.