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deliberate about (someone or something)

To consider, discuss, or confer about someone or something, often for a lengthy period of time. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate about it, all right?
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deliberate over (someone or something)

To consider, discuss, or confer about someone or something, often for a lengthy period of time. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate over it with my family, all right?
See also: deliberate, over

deliberate about someone or something

 and deliberate on someone or something
to think about someone or something; to consider what to do about someone or something. How long do you intend to deliberate about Carol? We will deliberate about this matter as long as it takes to do it right. Let's deliberate on this for a while.
See also: deliberate

deliberate over someone or something

to discuss and argue about someone or something. We will deliberate over this question tomorrow. We have been deliberating over Karen long enough.
See also: deliberate, over
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The next type of strategic action is one that also has high levels of deliberateness but is different to a modified action.
The following two dimensions emerge from the scale: the ritual-meaning dimension, which is related to the meaning attributed to the rituals (occurrence, attendance, affect, symbolic significance; alpha .87) and the ritual-routine dimension, which reflects organizational aspects (roles, routine, continuation, deliberateness; alpha .85).
The perfumer, who was compelled to enter the business following a chance encounter with someone in the field after he graduated from an school in Stockholm, is known for products that evoke experiences--he says scent is "all about memory"--and for bringing craft and deliberateness to a market dominated by luxury-brand monoliths.
"We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm," he said.
Excerpts from their email conversations and a face-to-face interview illuminate the fresh challenges that emerge in the classroom--always requiring some blend of assertiveness, deliberateness, caring, and a steadfast belief in development.
The deliberateness of his actions, as he prepares for his first sally, offers evidence that they obey principles; what disconnects his decision-making processes from reason is the mere fact of his madness--i.e., that the premises on which they are based do not happen to correspond to reality.
Although the alleged facts are consistent either with an inference of deliberateness (as Hunnicutt suggests) or an inference of carelessness (as the Debtor argues), this is a question that goes to the merits of the complaint, not whether it sufficiently set forth a claim.
Pilots need to use the tools they have at hand with a practical and practiced deliberateness to save the flight.
Del Toro deliberateness in every aspect of the film--lighting, colors, Kaiju skin texture, and even the nut and bolt details on the Jaegers--suggests that his simultaneous upholding and undermining of the trope of American exceptionalism is, likewise, deliberate.
Each of the brothers paces songs well, Tim with a marked deliberateness in enunciation.
While the concepts of influence and reciprocity may strike some people as overly deliberate, the reality is that the greater good of camp deserves great deliberateness. When I was twenty and supervising people who had more skill, experience, and knowledge than me, I learned that supervision isn't about being in charge (which was the image that I grew up believing).
However, at times the narrative suffers from its own deliberateness, causing essential information to be buried beneath detail." JOHN SMOLENS
Wilson links the five artists in their 'deliberateness of approach to constructing images', describing the work they create as 'controlled and considered, but still quite strange'.
Much of the singing in the show is off-key, but with a perceived deliberateness that avoids professional slickness.
Black Consciousness therefore, takes cognisance of the deliberateness of God's plan in creating black people black.