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deliberate about (someone or something)

To consider, discuss, or confer about someone or something, often for a lengthy period of time. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate about it, all right?
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deliberate over (someone or something)

To consider, discuss, or confer about someone or something, often for a lengthy period of time. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate over it with my family, all right?
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deliberate about someone or something

 and deliberate on someone or something
to think about someone or something; to consider what to do about someone or something. How long do you intend to deliberate about Carol? We will deliberate about this matter as long as it takes to do it right. Let's deliberate on this for a while.
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deliberate over someone or something

to discuss and argue about someone or something. We will deliberate over this question tomorrow. We have been deliberating over Karen long enough.
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Wrexham was by far the most prolific area for deliberate fires, with 835 blazes costing the fire service PS428,492.
The Pakistan DGMO protested over recent deliberate targeting of innocent civilians along Line of Control resulting in civilian casualties.
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service statistics show there were 532 deliberate "primary" fires in and around houses and buildings in 2016 - an increase of 38 on 2015.
After which, the en banc will continue to deliberate on its action with respect to the substitution, Bautista said.
Starvation as a Weapon: Domestic Policies of Deliberate Starvation as a Means to an End Under International Law
A FILM educating people about the impact of deliberate grass fires has been released, after firefighters battled almost 1,000 incidents in April.
In April, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) alone battled almost 1,000 deliberate grass fires.
Join the conversation on our Facebook page face com/poolecho There were five people injured in deliberate fires, which were from April 2014 to the end of March 2015 But the total number of deliberate fires in Wirral reduced last year compared to 2013-4, when there were 1,243.
Malaysia's acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the plane's movements were consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Travel Business Review-March 21, 2013--Project Bernie to douse deliberate fires during Easter holidays(C)2013] ENPublishing - http://www.
INTRODUCTION: Deliberate self harm (DSH) is an "an act with non-fatal outcome in which an individual deliberately initiates a non-habitual behaviour, that without intervention from others will cause self-harm, or deliberately ingests a substance in excess of the prescribed or generally recognised dosage, and which is aimed at realising changes that the person desires via the actual or expected physical consequences".
The most significant drops have been in deliberate 'secondary' fires, such as grass fires, bin fires and fires in derelict buildings.
Colvin stresses that to reach maximum level of performance in any field, one must follow a strict regimen of deliberate practice.
Objective: To determine the frequency of depression in patients of first episode of Deliberate Self Harm in patients visiting Emergency Dept of a tertiary care hospital.
synonyms: voluntary, intentional, and deliberate mean done or brought about by choice.