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delete (something) from (something)

To remove something, usually text, from something else. I think that my argument made more sense once I deleted that section from my paper. Dude, you've got to delete your ex-girlfriend's number from your phone, or else you'll just keep calling her.
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delete something from something

to remove something from something; to cross something out from something. Will you please delete this paragraph from the contract? The line was deleted from the sales agreement.
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Deleting messages for everyone allows the user to delete specific messages that they have sent to either a group or an individual chat.
The Silverado and Sierra light-duty box delete models have been designed to take on the work our customers do every day, said Dan Tigges, commercial product manager, General Motors Fleet.
Deletes unnecessary text on contract modifications; clarifies procedures for determining if a request for equitable adjustment requires contractor certification; and relocates to PGI, procedures for identifying foreign military sales requirements, for obligating or deobligating contract funds, and for review and definitization of change orders.
Deletes unnecessary text on GSA Federal Supply Schedules; deletes text on the Defense National Stockpile and the acquisition of helium, as these issues are adequately addressed in the FAR; deletes obsolete text on the DoD Industrial Preparedness Production Planning Program; and relocates to PGI, procedures for ordering from central nonprofit agencies, for acquisition of items under the DoD Coordinated Acquisition Program, for contracting or performing field service functions for NASA, for use of the DoD Precious Metals Recovery Program, and for use of enterprise software agreements for acquiring commercial software and related services.
Proposed change clarifies text on the use of option clauses for industrial capability production planning; deletes unnecessary text on determinations for interagency acquisitions under the Economy Act; deletes restrictive requirements relating to the use of master agreements for vessel repair; deletes obsolete procedures for acquisition of bakery and dairy products; lowers the level for approval of profit on undefinitized contract actions for which substantial performance has been completed; and relocates to PGI, guidance on the use of options and procedures for preparation of master agreements and job orders, for breakout and acquisition of spare parts, and for acquisition of work over and above contract requirements.
Proposed change deletes DFARS text on the use of competitive procedures and delegated authority to acquire utility services, as these issues are adequately addressed in the FAR; deletes obsolete text on preaward contract reviews; and relocates to PGI, procedures and corresponding definitions related to connection charges and award of separate contracts for utility services.
Updates and consolidates text on the use of imprest funds and third-party drafts; deletes unnecessary cross-references; and relocates to PGI, guidance on the use of unilateral contract modifications and procedures for use of forms for purchases made using simplified acquisition procedures.
For instance, a user who unintentionally deletes a Word document or PowerPoint presentation can use the tool to find the text stored in Google Desktop Search.
Deletes obsolete text pertaining to Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty inspections; deletes unnecessary first article testing and approval requirements; and relocates procedures for requesting pre-award surveys and obtaining approval for product qualification requirements to PGI.
Deletes text pertaining to the applicability of the Privacy Act to certain contractor records.
If you ever accidentally delete a partition or have a system failure that deletes the partition data, this program will more than pay for itself.
Deletes unnecessary text pertaining to cooperative agreement holders, paid advertisements, and synopsis requirements; and relocates a synopsis format to PGI.
CNN reports this virus to be more damaging than Kournikova because it deletes hard drive files, forcing users to reinstall their operating systems.
ExploreZip, contains a malicious payload that overwrites many files on a victim's computer and network, spreads rapidly to the victim's e-mail correspondents, deletes their files, and spreads still further.
Shredder provides more security for sensitive and confidential electronic information by turning deletes into multiple overwrites, making files totally unrecoverable.