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delete (something) from (something)

To remove something, usually text, from something else. I think that my argument made more sense once I deleted that section from my paper. Dude, you've got to delete your ex-girlfriend's number from your phone, or else you'll just keep calling her.
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delete something from something

to remove something from something; to cross something out from something. Will you please delete this paragraph from the contract? The line was deleted from the sales agreement.
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The ECP said that in total 3036 deceased persons from FATA, the names of 2718 male and 342 female voters will be deleted while from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in total 40,608 deceased persons, the names of 30,298 male and 10,310 female voters will be deleted from the voters lists.
He said that if it was true that entries had been deleted from the files, the deletion could have been "inadvertent."
He added that it was "conceivable other News International journalists deleted the voicemail" but police had no evidence to support that.
The force's director of intelligence, DCS Gavin Baggs, told the Bichard Inquiry today that the record, the only intelligence file ever submitted on Huntley, may have been deleted unintentionally.
When digital data is compromised--either lost, stolen, deleted or otherwise manipulated--and can be of evidential value for a potential lawsuit, electronic discovery practices come into play.
For years, various independent research studies have documented the fact that company records and database files are accidentally deleted every day.
Q I understand that deleted files stay stored somewhere on your hard drive.
Ontrack's electronic information management division uses its in-house software to re-create original text and retrieve data that was considered deleted.
Last year, Jirtle and his colleagues found that in many liver cancer cells, both copies of the gene for this receptor are either deleted or mutated.
Summary: New Delhi (India), March 15 (ANI): AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh has written to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sunil Arora alleging that Delhi Police is harassing AAP workers and common citizens at the behest of BJP leaders for "adding deleted names in Delhi's electoral roll"
* Twitter holds onto deleted messages even after years of deletion
According to a ( Facebook statement , the company said the video files were supposed to be deleted as the user intended but a bug prevented the footage from being fully removed from the social network's servers.
"In order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone," the micro-blogging platform said.