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delete (something) from (something)

To remove something, usually text, from something else. I think that my argument made more sense once I deleted that section from my paper. Dude, you've got to delete your ex-girlfriend's number from your phone, or else you'll just keep calling her.
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delete something from something

to remove something from something; to cross something out from something. Will you please delete this paragraph from the contract? The line was deleted from the sales agreement.
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DKMS Delete Blood Cancer is part of the world's largest network of donor centers.
All proceeds from the seventh annual Delete Blood Cancer Gala will go directly to enrolling lifesaving bone marrow donors and furthering advancements in cancer treatment and care.
The information on Huntley was of such obvious value ``I find the decision to delete to be astonishing''.
So two years and lots of money later, we developed our own tool that permanently deletes data," Jessen said.
Delete Blood Cancer DKMS will honor Earl Young, cancer survivor and track and field Olympic gold medalist, blood cancer awareness advocate Dave Thomas, whose daughter is suffering from leukemia, and David Schechter, senior reporter at ABC Dallas.
Here is a guide to securely delete and factory reset your Android phone before you sell it.
Gmail will automatically delete emails from the trash folder after 30 days, but you'll want to empty your trash immediately if you need the space right now.
Coty is very proud to help Delete Blood Cancer/DKMS reach new potential donors in the U.
Revises DFARS text on the acquisition of telecommunications services to update terminology, delete obsolete text, and add text addressing DoD's authority to enter into contracts for telecommunications resources.
If archiving on a typical RAID system, a simple delete operation does not remove the data from the disk.
a Even after you delete a file and empty your trash or recycle bin, the data remains on your hard drive until another piece of data overwrites it.
PHOENIX -- Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon, Phoenix's premier tattoo removal specialist, today announced its upcoming 'Deletathon' to commemorate the salon's successful first year providing services.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Delete Blood Cancer C part of the world's largest network of bone marrow donor centers C announces the start of National Bone Marrow Awareness Month.