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delegate (something) to (one)

To assign something, such as a task, to someone else. Oh, I delegated that boring paperwork to the interns immediately. If you're overwhelmed, why don't you delegate some of this stuff to the rest of your team?
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delegate someone to something

to appoint someone to something; to appoint someone to be something. I will delegate Jane to be our representative. Donna was delegated to attend the conference.
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delegate something to someone

to assign a task to someone; to appoint someone to do a specific task. I will have to delegate this job to Sam, who knows how to do these things. The job was delegated to Sally.
See also: delegate
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Candidates for election to the position of branch delegate or alternate delegate are required to be financial members of the Association at the date of opening of nominations 1 January 2018.
Right now, Clinton's lead over Sanders among elected delegates amounts to about 13 percent of the majority needed, which is more than Barack Obama's 4 percent lead by the end of the 2008 primaries, according to (https://www.
The process will take center stage May 12 through 14 in Dallas, when the Republican Party of Texas holds its convention to elect the 155 delegates it will send to July's Republican National Convention.
Under the Oregon GOP's bylaws, delegates are freed from their pledges if their candidate receives the votes of fewer than 35 percent of the delegates needed for nomination, if their candidate releases delegates to vote for someone else, or if more than two convention ballots are needed to select a nominee.
The education is over two days and when the delegates meet again next month, they will give a presentation demonstrating how they applied the first day's learning to increase membership participation in NZNO.
vote for delegates and alternates to ANA House of Delegates or successor membership assembly in accordance with the ANA Bylaws.
The ANA total dues paid by the IMD in the 24 months ending December 31 of the even numbered years shall be divided by the C/ SNA average dues per additional delegate to determine the number of additional delegates apportioned to the IMD from the seats designated for the IMD by ANA Bylaws.
Paul's Louisiana caucus victory is just one of a growing number of examples indicating that Paul's strategy of focusing on winning delegates in low-profile caucus contests, as opposed to concentrating on "beauty contests," is producing results.
There is a $25 registration fee for all delegates, alternate delegates and guests.
Tonight is the chance for those players' club delegates to get some answers.
The Credential Subcommittee shall report at the beginning of each meeting of the House of Delegates the number of credentialed delegates, alternates, and voting members of the Board of Trustees who are registered and shall make a supplementary report at each House of Delegates business session.
Delegates must attend the "Meet the Candidates" and "Town Hall.
Mrs Clinton's camp insisted Mr Obama should not get any pledged delegates in Michigan and she should get 73 pledged delegates with 55 uncommitted.
Democrats attending the caucuses run by the candidates' campaigns in Worcester and Shrewsbury will choose four Clinton delegates and two Obama delegates.
To determine how many delegates are allocated to each state, the parties use a formula that accounts for the state's population and its past support for the party's presidential nominee.
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