delegate (something) to (one)

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delegate (something) to (one)

To assign something, such as a task, to someone else. Oh, I delegated that boring paperwork to the interns immediately. If you're overwhelmed, why don't you delegate some of this stuff to the rest of your team?
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delegate someone to something

to appoint someone to something; to appoint someone to be something. I will delegate Jane to be our representative. Donna was delegated to attend the conference.
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delegate something to someone

to assign a task to someone; to appoint someone to do a specific task. I will have to delegate this job to Sam, who knows how to do these things. The job was delegated to Sally.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo appeared to not be involved in the US policy on Russia anymore with such functions delegated to US National Security Adviser John Bolton.
Our scope allows us to peform a broad range of tasks that have been delegated to us. Also, ENs can fill in when nurses are short in other areas in the hospital and be recognised for our great work ethic.
Talking to 'Online' district council Chairman district Kachchi Sardar Khan Rind said 'since the last two years neither the powers are being delegated to us nor are the funds being released for launching public schemes.
"And I'm hoping now that with this new group of people, and with responsibility properly delegated to us and with Randy giving us the confidence to do that job, we'll have a very different situation.
"For models that we've delivered lots of before with the same engineering, we have the authority, delegated to us by the FAA" to certify, Dern added.
"Huge powers are being delegated to us to take responsibility from strategic planning of transportation to skills, jobs and other types of investment.
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