delegate (something) to (one)

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delegate (something) to (one)

To assign something, such as a task, to someone else. Oh, I delegated that boring paperwork to the interns immediately. If you're overwhelmed, why don't you delegate some of this stuff to the rest of your team?
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delegate someone to something

to appoint someone to something; to appoint someone to be something. I will delegate Jane to be our representative. Donna was delegated to attend the conference.
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delegate something to someone

to assign a task to someone; to appoint someone to do a specific task. I will have to delegate this job to Sam, who knows how to do these things. The job was delegated to Sally.
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President Bush, like President Clinton before him, has invoked the Constitution many times to justify usurping powers that are either nowhere constitutionally delegated to the federal government or are specifically delegated to one of the other branches.
He is somewhat skeptical of Internet-TV convergence, but has nonetheless carefully developed new-economy initiatives, including a joint venture with Sonae, delegated to one of his five sons, Francisco Maria Balsemao.
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