delegate to

delegate (something) to (one)

To assign something, such as a task, to someone else. Oh, I delegated that boring paperwork to the interns immediately. If you're overwhelmed, why don't you delegate some of this stuff to the rest of your team?
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delegate someone to something

to appoint someone to something; to appoint someone to be something. I will delegate Jane to be our representative. Donna was delegated to attend the conference.
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delegate something to someone

to assign a task to someone; to appoint someone to do a specific task. I will have to delegate this job to Sam, who knows how to do these things. The job was delegated to Sally.
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Among them: Eileen Townsend, a longtime GOP activist and delegate to Dallas.
The Branch discusses and decides whether to authorize the delegate to vote 'for' or 'against'.
Sometimes the issues surrounding the motion may be complex and the Branch may request the delegate to use his/her discretion, having heard the points made in the debate.
Hopefully this has given you a greater insight into the role of Branch delegate to the AGM.
By choosing such a contract, each player makes her delegate's compensation spread as wide as possible so that she can most strongly motivate her delegate to win the prize.
A convincing reason is that, by doing so, each player can most strongly motivate her delegate to win the prize.
Given practical limits on time and the specialized expertise necessary to enact tax laws that effectively can out the Code's intent, Congress will often delegate to Treasury the authority to provide rules for the operation of a given provision.
Rowan Zetterman, delegate to the American College of Physicians, said in an interview.
John McIntyre, delegate to the American Psychiatric Association, told this newspaper in an interview.
He was appointed as a delegate to the first Continental Congress in September of 1774 but refused the commission, agreeing instead to attend as an observer.
He was elected as a delegate to the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, but refused in order to fight Samuel Chase's inflationary money bill in the Maryland Senate.
Lee of Memphis, delegate to every GOP convention since 1940, who had "seconded the nomination of Robert A.
The Delegate Assembly may delegate to the Board any of its powers except the adoption of amendments to the Constitution and the adoption of resolutions of the Association.
Steven Spinola, president of REBNY, was a delegate to the convention as were many of the city's politicians and VIP's.
Contests with delegation, where each player hires a delegate to expend effort or resources on the player's behalf to win a prize, are common.