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delegate (something) to (someone)

To assign something, such as a task, to someone else. Oh, I delegated that boring paperwork to the interns immediately. If you're overwhelmed, why don't you delegate some of this stuff to the rest of your team?
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delegate someone to something

to appoint someone to something; to appoint someone to be something. I will delegate Jane to be our representative. Donna was delegated to attend the conference.
See also: delegate

delegate something to someone

to assign a task to someone; to appoint someone to do a specific task. I will have to delegate this job to Sam, who knows how to do these things. The job was delegated to Sally.
See also: delegate
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Now that the about 250 delegates will be allocated on the same day, Texas will be the largest prize of all the Super Tuesday Democratic primary elections on March 1.
There are Bylaws changes that have been submitted by the ANA Board of Directors (BOD) for consideration by the 2012 House of Delegates (HOD) that: (a) reduce the number of ANA HOD delegates allotted to the Constituent Member Associations (CMAs) and the Individual Membership Division (IMD) and (b) place a cap on the total number of seats allotted to the IMD.
provide for representation in the ANA House of Delegates or successor membership assembly (.
In the latter state, where caucuses were held the same day as those in Louisiana, Paul's supporters outnumbered Romney's in the caucuses, with the result that many of the Massachusetts delegates going to Tampa will be Ron Paul supporters even though they will be pledged to Romney owing to his primary victory.
Properly credentialed delegates help ensure an accurate accounting of the will and concern of DAV's membership," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
Mandy Short RN and Delegate, Coffs Harbour Hospital Branch.
JUSTIN McCARTHY is expected to come under fire at tonight's county board meeting when club delegates will get the chance to grill him over the crisis gripping Limerick hurling.
Any delegate wishing the floor shall approach the designated microphone, wait to be recognized, address the Chair, and state their name and the name of their state association and district.
Delegate fees may not be paid to delegates appointed on site.
Mrs Clinton's camp insisted Mr Obama should not get any pledged delegates in Michigan and she should get 73 pledged delegates with 55 uncommitted.
Democrats will choose 61 congressional district-level delegates and 10 alternates that are apportioned based on Hillary Rodham Clinton's margin of victory over Barack H.
Being a "pledged" delegate simply means that the delegate has indicated a commitment of support to a presidential candidate.
If you are interested in serving as a delegate please contact your Region President.
1,2) Specifically, we consider contests in which two players each want to win a prize, and each player hires a delegate who expends his effort to win the prize on the player's behalf.
ANA Delegate -- Delegates shall serve at annual and special meetings of the ANA House of Delegates during their two-year term of office.