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justice delayed is justice denied

Justice served at a later time has as little impact as justice not being served at all. A: "We need to get this matter before a judge quickly." B: "Of course. Justice delayed is justice denied."
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desires are nourished by delays

One's interest in something will grow as one waits for it. A: "Ugh, I still haven't heard back from the recruiter at my dream job." B: "At least desires are nourished by delays."
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Desires are nourished by delays.

Prov. The longer you have to wait for something you want, the more eager you will be to get it. The longer I had to postpone my trip to San Francisco, the more eagerly I wanted to go. Desires are nourished by delays.
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8% male children had 2 or more items delay; 1 delay was maximum seen in children in the age group 19-24 months in males, while 2 or more delays were seen in 1-6 months, 19-24 months and 25-30 months.
Table showing Relation between Birth Weight and Language Delay Birth Normal 1 Delay 2 or Total Weight in More KG Delays [left arrow] 2.
There is a delay because the flight from Sofia to Frankfurt on 6 July was redirected to land in Munich due to bad weather conditions.
Recently it was decided that a mechanical fault was not a reasonable excuse for delays and therefore compensation should be paid.
Delays can increase passengers' anger, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction with the service provided (Taylor 1994).
Flight delays and cancellations caused by crew scheduling alone appear to be rare and frequently arise from other problems.
Similarly, other researchers have found considerable attenuation of response rates when short delays are interposed between responses and reinforcers (e.
Airbus has raised sharply its break-even point for the A380 superjumbo to take into account delays and cash shortfalls in the mammoth project.
But postal officials defended service, saying the report was outdated and the delays cited in it were due to equipment changes and maintenance problems.
Among the various causes of the delays identified by the trial court were defendant's failure to timely obtain easements for electrical and drain sewer installations, the failure of the school district's construction manager to adequately supervise and coordinate the work of the various contractors, including the failure to prepare the coordinated construction schedules and drawings, the termination of both the construction manager in December 1994 and the general contractor in June 1995 [the plaintiff was the Wicks electrical prime] and defendant's decision to hire 30 subcontractors in lieu of replacing the general contractor.
Because much of the literature on delays in obtaining abortions is outdated or has focused on narrow subgroups (e.
For light ricocheting inside a glass prism, the team found the delay to be either 28 millionths of a billionth of a second (femtosecond, fs) or 57 fs, depending on the pulse's polarization.
At the broadest end of the spectrum, some construction contracts use language that damages are unavailable for delays resulting from "any cause whatsoever.
Again, timing is important in market positioning with the advantage being captured by those who enter or move early compared to those who delay.
African-American women, Latino women, younger women, and those with lower occupational status also tended to have longer delays.