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desires are nourished by delays

proverb One's interest in something will grow as one waits for it. A: "Ugh, I still haven't heard back from the recruiter at my dream job." B: "At least desires are nourished by delays."
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justice delayed is justice denied

Justice served at a later time has as little impact as justice not being served at all. A: "We need to get this matter before a judge quickly." B: "Of course. Justice delayed is justice denied."
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Desires are nourished by delays.

Prov. The longer you have to wait for something you want, the more eager you will be to get it. The longer I had to postpone my trip to San Francisco, the more eagerly I wanted to go. Desires are nourished by delays.
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Those with a high policy commitment but a limited capacity are labeled "strugglers." The third classification, "delayers," consist of states with a low policy commitment but a relatively high capacity.
Casey and her co-investigators recruited 59 adults who participated as young children in the original study and represented either extreme of the delayed-gratification spectrum-high delayers and low delayers.
Together with the general rise in car ownership, that is a lot of extra traffic for The Delayer's road and for its choke point Tawe Bridges.
During the second Punic war the famous general Quintus Fabius Maximus became known as Quintus Fabius Cunctator (the Delayer) as he avoided contact with the enemy until he judged that circumstances were totally in his favour.
Yet Fabian Way is now to benefit from a pounds 40m improvement that it is hoped will end the unfortunate association with nickname of the great Roman general it was named after, Fabius Maximus, or as he was also known - The Delayer.
Fabius Maximus (the Delayer) and others, especially after the defeat and death of his younger brother Hasdrubal en route to him with reinforcements at the Metaurus (Metauro) (May?
Ironically, the road is named after the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus nicknamed Cunctator (The Delayer) because of his habit of avoiding pitched battles.
Miss Thunberg added: "Of course there are climate delayers who want to do everything to shift the focus of the climate crisis to something else or want to make people question the science.
To protect preferred narratives about climate change and its solutions, a main strategy by some activist scientists and writers has been to discredit experts who question these worse-case scenario narratives or the related advocated policies by labeling them "deniers," "delayers," "contrarians," "confusionists," and "lukewarmers," as the journalist Keith Kloor has documented.
Climate delayers and climate change deniers are as good as each other," he said, adding that "now is the time for civil disobedience, now is the time to become a rebel because there's no time after this".
Five million women are overdue for testing and polls show 80 per cent of the 25 to 35-year-old delayers feel "too body-conscious" to attend.
The digital news site Vox provided a nuanced discussion of the issue by describing differences between "anti-vaxxers", who indignantly oppose vaccination, and vaccine delayers who "delay some (vaccines), and skip others.
Audience Research: Delayers of Infant Immunisation.