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desires are nourished by delays

proverb One's interest in something will grow as one waits for it. A: "Ugh, I still haven't heard back from the recruiter at my dream job." B: "At least desires are nourished by delays."
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justice delayed is justice denied

Justice served at a later time has as little impact as justice not being served at all. A: "We need to get this matter before a judge quickly." B: "Of course. Justice delayed is justice denied."
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Desires are nourished by delays.

Prov. The longer you have to wait for something you want, the more eager you will be to get it. The longer I had to postpone my trip to San Francisco, the more eagerly I wanted to go. Desires are nourished by delays.
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This problem may be even more intensified with the ambiguity about what constitutes a "delay" (i.e., how many minutes must the flight be late to be considered "delayed"?).
The NELS data provide evidence of notable differences between delayed and immediate entrants with respect to their high school academic experiences.
When a contractor is delayed, there may be a variety of causes that all played a part, some compensable and others not.
Our study found that the harmonic scalpel was associated with a significant decrease in intraoperative blood loss, a slight decrease in early postoperative pain, and an apparent increase in the risk of delayed bleeding.
Do adverse life events and mood disorder influence delayed presentation of breast cancer?
* Ex post facto designations are not effective for either delayed or nondelayed elections.
"Delayed Access to Health Care: Risk Factors, Reasons, and Consequences.
The 9.45am flight to Malaga was delayed for over six hours while another flight to Mahon was delayed by four.
Among the reasons asserted to justify the delayed notice was the need to protect the confidential source's safety until all the subjects could be located and arrested.
In another third, they delayed clamping until the cord stopped pulsing-about 1 minute-while the baby rested at the level of the placenta.
For continuous control tasks, human controllers respond to delayed visual feedback by reducing the bandwidth of their input.
The signal to be delayed is input to the AO cell, where it drives a piezoelectric transducer that launches an acoustic wave into the AO crystal.
Proper use of such terminology as "delayed recovery", "compensation neurosis", and "functional overlay" are not clear.
Ideally, you'll only be delayed for a short amount of time while a replacement part is brought in and the aeroplane is fixed, or switched to another flight but often, this may be cause to cancel the flight.
Its 1,319 departures from the Welsh capital were delayed by an average of 18.3 minutes over that period.
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