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deign to (do something)

To condescend to do something; to do something that one considers below one's status. Now that Billy's famous, I doubt he'll deign to call his own mother.
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deign to do something

to lower oneself to do something. She will never deign to join in with us. I expect that he will not deign to have dinner with us.
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Yet he swooped in to plop down on the event while even some who had spent months of their own work to make it happen acted as though it was Jackson's deigning to associate himself with us that gave our effort luster and legitimacy.)
In that book he left the matter there, not deigning to exhibit precisely what it is about the symbolic component of joint action that undercuts libertarian political philosophy.
nThe Tucson Open hasn't exactly captured the spread firms' imagination,with only IG deigning to get involved.
It is hard not to share Odendahl's ill-concealed rage as she watches multimillionaires smugly avoid taxes by endowing symphony orchestras and prep schools, while not deigning to notice social problems more serious than the absence of a Van Gogh in the Tulsa art museum.
The Chancer of the Exchequer quipped after deigning to return from a Hollywood holiday that Mickey Mouse is writing Labour policy.