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deign to (do something)

To condescend to do something; to do something that one considers below one's status. Now that Billy's famous, I doubt he'll deign to call his own mother.
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deign to do something

to lower oneself to do something. She will never deign to join in with us. I expect that he will not deign to have dinner with us.
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The Lithol Rubine D 4577 is deigned for solvent packaging inks.
During the thirty years she was at NYCB, she never danced like anyone else on earth - when she deigned to appear, that is.
None of the main parties ever deigned to mention in their election campaigns why we are expending the lives of our servicemen (now on a daily basis) guarding fields of opium poppies in Afghanistan.
She has not deigned to acknowledge, let alone answer, my letter.
Mr Salmond insists he is just allowing all sides to put their case, yet it took a local campaign group a lot of time and effort before he deigned to speak to them.
The first player selected in April's draft has still not deigned to sign a contract with the hapless Oakland Raiders and doesn't look likely to be seen all season given the vast amount of information a rookie quarterback has to soak up before he's ready to be let loose.
By the time a service finally arrived and deigned to stop and allow us on, it was 5.20pm.
Green-fingered football fans scooped a recent away win at the Chelsea Flower Show for the garden deigned by Landscape Management Services, Killingworth.
When she finally deigned to show up, with four burly bodyguards in tow, she provoked boos from the appalled fashion lovers.
In the late 1980s such media as deigned to notice Manning and his ragtag band of followers generally pronounced them "kooks"; people who met in church basements or municipal arenas to hear from a shy, bespectacled man with a high, squeaky voice about how Canadian politics might be done differently.
Worse still, Jordan hasn't deigned to tell her she's decided to stay an extra week in LA.
This lovely five-story mansion has Italianate architecture throughout the interior, beautiful inlaid floors, 12-foot ceilings, a garden, a terrace and 25-foot, two-story extension deigned by Stanford White.
Peripheral Corner has released the Video-X PCMCIA ZV Capture Card which is deigned to allow notebook computer users to send video mail, watch TV, listen to stereo FM radio, make audio video recordings, capture images from video cameras or VCRs and conduct video conferences.
(Okay, she also deigned to attend the conventions, which she obligingly recounts in two non-reflective, empty-your-notebooks chapters).
NOW that he has finally deigned to speak to the press, I think it's time many Villa supporters stopped being so starry-eyed regarding Randy Lerner.