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deign to (do something)

To condescend to do something. Now that Billy's famous, I doubt he'll deign to call his own mother.
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deign to do something

to lower oneself to do something. She will never deign to join in with us. I expect that he will not deign to have dinner with us.
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Deign had been found too formal, please too informal.
Inman, a Republican, all but gave Clinton a dressing-down, saying he needed to have "a comfort level" with the President (not vice-versa) before he would deign to take the top Pentagon post.
With three flunkies from the hotel forced to help her load the various items of clothing, shoes, handbags, make-up and cosmetics into her waiting limo, the former Spice Girl did actually deign to shift one or two pieces herself.
Margaret O'Leary also began her career as a trainee reporter for Celtic Newspapers before being appointed news sub-editor for the Echo in 1988 and is now a senior deign sub-editor at the paper.
The desk fans, featuring a translucent blade with a metal guard and a square base deign, come in three sizes of blades - 9in (pounds 19.
But he just stuck with the Packard crowd - he didn't deign to come over and talk to us Studebakers.
And the Cullompton trainer believes he may have another fair runner as the game La Vie Est Belle held off Deign To Dance in a tight finish.
There was no sign of his pregnant former girlfriend Liz Hurley, who'd of course never deign to step foot into anywhere as humble as the Anglesea Arms.
But when Namaan came, Elisha would not deign even to go out to see him; only a demeaning message came back: "Go and wash seven times in the Jordan .
To be honest, the writing improves when the gals deign to "stoop" just a little.
You don't suppose there's any point in hoping they finally come to their senses and reinstate Angus Deayton do you, or that he'd deign to return?
British soldiers died in Iraq, yet the Foreign Office doesn't deign to comment on alleged doubts expressed by a senior member of the Cabinet.
That is assuming they deign to speak to you at all before they switch to the automated message.
And not only would I turn my nose up at those who would deign scrunch their snouts in response to our counter's undeniable aroma, I would all but hiss at those who dared balk at our prices.
Rolling overhead door with rear entrance doorAmple parking in front and rear of building Secure office park with private fuel station, car wash, conference room, dumpster access, and water Suitable for any construction related contractor, engineer, architual firm or deign firm.