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degenerate into (something)

To get worse and enter an unpleasant state. Concerts always seem to degenerate into chaos once it's time to leave the venue. If you don't exercise regularly, your muscles will degenerate into mush.
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degenerate into something

to decay into something; to break down into something. The peace rally degenerated into a riot. I was afraid that the party would degenerate into a drinking contest.
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To the best of our knowledge this is the first report in literature of a prolapsed degenerating uterine fibroid postpartum.
The secretory granules in degenerating cells were often located along the cell membrane and sometimes projected out, indicating partial exocytosis before degeneration (Figure 3).
Cortney Palomo were stalwart Standard Bearers; and the diplomats' squabbles had an appropriate satirical malice without degenerating into crude caricatures.
At a moment in which the interconnection of our struggle for justice with other civil rights struggles could not be clearer, we are degenerating into a movement that is playing politics with some core principles.
Also, microscopic examination of gonads from pregnant females pulled from those regions shows that between 45 and 80 percent of them have degenerating eggs, a condition known as atresia.
In earlier photographs, the backdrop was white surround, a metaphysical blankness, difficult to govern, often degenerating into vague grays without intentionality.