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degenerate into (something)

To get worse and enter an unpleasant state. Concerts always seem to degenerate into chaos once it's time to leave the venue. If you don't exercise regularly, your muscles will degenerate into mush.
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degenerate into something

to decay into something; to break down into something. The peace rally degenerated into a riot. I was afraid that the party would degenerate into a drinking contest.
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If [X.sub.i], i = 1,2, ..., n, degenerate to fuzzy variables, the result in Theorem 22 degenerates to the form
If [X.sub.i];, i = 1,2, ..., n, degenerate to random variables, the result in Theorem 26 degenerates to the form
If [X.sub.i], i = 1, 2, ..., n, degenerate to random variables, the result in Theorem 29 degenerates to the form
Because degenerates were unable to recognize their responsibility to prevent race suicide, the state had to intervene in order to accomplish what the degenerate could not; thus, forced sterilization was to be the moral responsibility of any humanitarian society.
That they were not responsible for their condition was a reasonable assumption inasmuch as their degenerate status was a "devolutionary" biological principle over which the individual had no control; thus, one was not held responsible for one's behavior even if disruptive of the social order.
Disdainful of the whole panoply of modernist theories of society and human behavior, the anti-modernists at heart subscribed to an exceptionalist ideology which withdrew the United States from secular history and subjected it instead to the Christian millennium modified by the "possibility of perpetual life." Unlike the countries of the Old World, the United States - by virtue of its Christian heritage, republican idealism, and constitutionalism - was situated to overcome the degenerate forces that historically have dragged down other great civilizations.
The neurons degenerate quickly, and the mice die within weeks, says Orr.
Without the enzyme, NAA piles up, its reaction products never appear, and the myelin degenerates, he reasons.
In Alzheimer's, the basal forebrain usually degenerates, leading to depressed acetylcholine production.
The researchers looked at a particular kind of muscle cell that spontaneously degenerates within 36 hours after the emergence of an adult moth from its cocoon.
In mathematical language a singularity is "In general, a singularity is a point at which an equation, surface, etc., blows up or becomes degenerate. Singularities are often also called singular points." (
True enough the function breaks down becomes degenerate so to say, but something has to be happening because knowledge does not disappear, there can not be nothing in a singularity.