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defraud (someone) out of (something)

To obtain something from someone by trickery or deception. I can't believe you lied to all of these people and defrauded them out of their hard-earned money! How could he defraud that sweet old lady out of her diamond necklace?
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defraud someone out of something

to cheat someone out of something. The crooked contractor defrauded the town out of a fortune. The clerk defrauded the employer out of a great deal of money.
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He has defrauded justice, and opposed his king and lawful master, for he opposed his just commands; he has, I say, robbed the galleys of their feet, stirred up the Holy Brotherhood which for many years past has been quiet, and, lastly, has done a deed by which his soul may be lost without any gain to his body." Sancho had told the curate and the barber of the adventure of the galley slaves, which, so much to his glory, his master had achieved, and hence the curate in alluding to it made the most of it to see what would be said or done by Don Quixote; who changed colour at every word, not daring to say that it was he who had been the liberator of those worthy people.
* Another important change involves situations in which a transfer to a trust is determined to be one that defrauds creditors; only that portion necessary to satisfy creditors will be set aside.
Alaska law provides that trust assets are not subject to claims unless the original transfer was intended to defraud known creditors or cause the grantor insolvency.
Shortly after, he was arrested in another jurisdiction for allegedly operating as an unlicensed agent and attempting to defraud a senior citizen.
Two former California investment advisors were convicted of eight counts of fraud in connection with a scheme to defraud an undercover agent of $1 billion.