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defraud (someone) out of (something)

To obtain something from someone by trickery or deception. I can't believe you lied to all of these people and defrauded them out of their hard-earned money! How could he defraud that sweet old lady out of her diamond necklace?
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defraud someone out of something

to cheat someone out of something. The crooked contractor defrauded the town out of a fortune. The clerk defrauded the employer out of a great deal of money.
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(17) The "defrauders" (those who sold as Champagne wine from other areas or other grapes) lost the game and had to give up their low-quality strategy to align themselves with the high-quality strategy.
Despite the apparent complexity of utilizing the sentencing guidelines to determine the appropriate sentence for intentional defrauders, these defendants face insignificant amounts of prison time.
The word 'cheat' is something that I would associate with tax defrauders or drug cheats, people who would look to systematically manouvere their way around rules on a regular basis.
(63) "Toland transformed the apparently virtuous druids--and by analogy the Christian clerics--into hoaxers and defrauders of their laity.
According to the administration of Sohrab Goth's maveshi mandi, the four defrauders brought 100 animals from Rahim Yar Khan; 50 of them have been taken into custody.
defrauders, and producers of viruses need to be thwarted.
There were reports last week that the government was readying complaints against a third group of defrauders in the pork barrel scam, but the President said he had been quite busy with domestic and international affairs lately that he could not recall being informed about it.
Maybe with these multiple name changes they are simply benefit defrauders. Has anyone checked?
They were defrauded and deserve refunds, a few pennies' worth of damages and the satisfaction of seeing the defrauders (if the contamination was deliberate) sent to jail.
Vice and crime are not only prodigals and spendthrifts of their own, but defrauders and plunderers of the means of others.
(236.) One needs only to consult the laundry list of different types of fraud to see the myriad ways defrauders deceive the investing public.
aBerne had begun discussions with Berlin around two axes: the removal of a legal tender tax at source on a multitude of incomes, which allows defrauders to preserve their anonymity, and the strict application of OECD tax standards with regard to on-demand information exchanges.
Tax defrauders were charged with 15.5 million TL of fine in the first 6 months, while 2.7 billion TL came from administrative fines.
After all, investors and stakeholders (other than intentional defrauders) in a cap-and-trade market would depend on the market's integrity and scarcity of pollution rights to protect their investments.
When you consider that there have been two recent cases of people who have quite eagerly defrauded the benefits agencies out of tens of thousands of pounds, along with the continued mucking out of theMPs' expenses, you can clearly see that the Government is clearly more intent on clamping down on those overpaid by a couple of payments rather than taking on the serial and the full-time defrauders.