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defraud (someone) out of (something)

To obtain something from someone by trickery or deception. I can't believe you lied to all of these people and defrauded them out of their hard-earned money! How could he defraud that sweet old lady out of her diamond necklace?
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defraud someone out of something

to cheat someone out of something. The crooked contractor defrauded the town out of a fortune. The clerk defrauded the employer out of a great deal of money.
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Panelo, who is also Duterte's chief legal counsel, said those defrauded should file charges to recover their money.
Through the submission of these false documents to the lending bank, Parra and his co-conspirators defrauded both the lending bank and Ex-Im Bank by receiving loan proceeds from the lending bank and using them for personal gain.
The indictment alleges that Washington defrauded multiple financial institutions by running up credit card balances and later claiming he hadn't made the charges, but had instead been a victim of identity theft.
Rivernider then allegedly defrauded others whose cases were detailed for the court in 14 warrants from the office of R.J.
Shankar, its former chairman, is alleged to have defrauded the association out of pounds 35,000 during 2007 and pounds 40,000 during 2008.
The American investors, allege that Lett defrauded them out of $10-million, and that Ridley's gift came out of funds they entrusted to Lett.
A LIGHTING specialist and a company director defrauded the operator behind the Millennium Dome out of almost pounds 4m, it was revealed last night.
Up to 70 Dutch growers were defrauded, along with other suppliers operating out of the UK, Spain, Italy and Belgium, from January 1997 to December 2001.
Now the eligible risk managers who may fall under the category of alleged defrauded clients will be receiving letters from Marsh in May, asking them to decide by Sept.
Chapman's defense argued that he could not have defrauded the pension system, because in several public filings the company disclosed that pension funds had been invested in
The spokesman said the priest also defrauded the city's Prosper Bank of $2.6 million, using fake bills and credit orders.
The other trader, Mr Prakash Robert Deepal Baichan, who is recuperating after surgery, claims to have been defrauded of US Dollars 621,000 (KSh62,110,000) by the accused, on December 10 and 16, 2016, who pretended they would ship to him 560 kg of gold.The two magistrates directed the police to execute the warrants through Interpol's Nairobi office.
Even the presidency was once defrauded by a fake agent who was eventually trailed to Benin in Edo State.
A suspected scammer, who defrauded millions of pesos from investors, was arrested by police last week in Quezon City.