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defraud (someone) out of (something)

To obtain something from someone by trickery or deception. I can't believe you lied to all of these people and defrauded them out of their hard-earned money! How could he defraud that sweet old lady out of her diamond necklace?
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defraud someone out of something

to cheat someone out of something. The crooked contractor defrauded the town out of a fortune. The clerk defrauded the employer out of a great deal of money.
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The SEM agency was cleared of conspiracy to defraud, forgery, two counts of false accounting and two counts of cheating the public revenue.
He is charged with conspiracy to defraud, demanding money with menaces and money-laundering.
They are also charged with conspiring to defraud the Department For Work and Pensions of benefits totalling pounds 38,916.
Fergal Lynch, 29, jockey, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire Conspiracy to defraud Betfair customers
Adam David Hauxwell-Smith (43) and his wife Leisa Hauxwell-Smith (44), of Great Tew, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, have been charged with conspiracy to defraud, corruption and witness intimidation.
Douglas Raphel, of Gotham Road, Spital, faces one charge of conspiracy to defraud and two charges of transferring criminal property.
The auditor asserted that HMC's owners and management were all involved in a scheme to defraud HMC's creditors and, therefore, no one at HMC relied on the auditor's audit reports.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- A Waltham man has been indicted for bank fraud, aiding and abetting the willful misapplication of bank funds, receiving a loan with intent to defraud a bank, and structuring transactions to evade the currency reporting requirement.
Yesterday at Leeds Crown Court Exley was sentenced to two years for conspiracy to defraud RBSI and conspiracy to defraud RSA.
The jury will be sworn in on Tuesday, when the prosecution will open its case, which alleges that the six defendants conspired to defraud Betfair customers and others by agreeing not to permit various horses to run on their merits, then laying those horses to lose.
In the lawsuit, the same charges were filed against State Auto Body & Paint Center and Minoo Khodayari, who acted as the office manager, and alleges they conspired with employees to defraud customers and insurance companies doing business with the shops.
The jury accepted Lake's explanation that she did not intend to defraud the government of $33,656.
Forgery and counterfeiting--The altering, copying, or imitating of something without authority or right, with the intent to deceive or defraud by passing the copy or thing altered or imitated as that which is original or genuine; or the selling, buying, or possession of an altered, copied, or imitated thing with the intent to deceive or defraud.
THE trial of four men, including two council officials, who are charged with conspiracy to defraud, is unlikely to be held until next January.
THE trial of four men, including two council officials, who are charged at Mold Crown Court with conspiracy to defraud, is unlikely to be held until January after being adjourned because of legal arguments.