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deflect (something) away from (someone or something)

To direct something away from someone or something. That's why I have an assistant—she deflects all of this minutiae away from me. At the last second, the defenseman deflected the puck away from the goal.
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deflect something away from someone or something

to divert someone or something away from someone or something; to cause someone or something to veer away from someone or something. The press secretary deflected the reporter's questions from the candidate. The emergency deflected the boss's attention away from my mistake.
See also: away, deflect
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In drilling away from the Da Vinci lode, Doray reported that a drill hole in the hanging wall to the Western Lode in the Deflector mine has returned two significant intercepts: 2.
The self-adjusting paste deflector is one of many ways to lower variability, decrease costs by eliminating stencil damage and reducing material waste, and save valuable production time.
Potential licensees in the residential HVAC accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the 2nd Generation Air Deflector on a worldwide basis.
In this study effect of installing types of deflector have been studied on replacement of inception point, as well as increase in passing water discharge.
This deflector technology was invented by Diez, associate professor at the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University.
Those two components are a polyamide vent screen and the water deflector moulded from Sabic's Valox resin, a thermoplastic polyester.
If the seal support is bent so the deflector won't seat right, replace it.
Mutiny Gold (ASX:MYG) is a diversified resource company focused on the exploration and development of its flagship Deflector gold / copper project, within the Gullewa tenements located in the South Murchison region of Western Australia.
Reusing deflectors had little success, as the pot in the interior shrunk much more than the already vitrified deflector, pulling it too far away from the deflector and obscuring the image or pattern.
The run-up project did not require noise protection like the Emirates project did, but rather a sophisticated jet blast deflector configuration that allows engine runs in multiple orientations with multiple aircraft.
5 detail) as it showed greater flexibility in meshing the changing deflector geometry automatically.
A travel kit that includes a warning triangle, spare bulb and fuse kit, yellow jacket, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, headlamp deflector kit, tyre fix aerosol and a GB sticker is available from www.
SAAB has reduced the price of the wind deflector that it sells as an accessory for its 9-3 convertible.
The transition from a 3D domain to 2D allowed an efficient comparison of a greater number of deflector setups.
The deflector is held in place by cutting out sections as wide as the ring base (this portion must extend about 3/4" past each base, front and rear), sliding the plastic onto the bases with a snug fit.