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deflect (something) away from (someone or something)

To direct something away from someone or something. That's why I have an assistant—she deflects all of this minutiae away from me. At the last second, the defenseman deflected the puck away from the goal.
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deflect something away from someone or something

to divert someone or something away from someone or something; to cause someone or something to veer away from someone or something. The press secretary deflected the reporter's questions from the candidate. The emergency deflected the boss's attention away from my mistake.
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One-way ANOVA analysis was used to check the differences between the photos judged one-by-one and judged together, opposite views and deflective ones, respecttively.
(34) "Rather than negating the Holocaust, deflective negation transfers the guilt for the perpetration of crimes onto members of other nations, or it minimizes own-nation participation in their perpetration to insignificant 'aberrations'" (Michael Shafir, Between Denial and "Comparative Trivialization": Holocaust Negationism in Post-Communist East Central Europe, Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism 19 [Jerusalem: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, 2002], 10).
A person, as I see it, is in progress, reflective and deflective of, and constructed from, his experiences and the experiences of others.
In other words, the specialty's response to liability was both protective and deflective, with only the (large) former one representing true safety improvement.
Thus this pulse straightened Premium plus wires can effectively overcome the deflective forces from mastication and can resist deformation in the oral cavity.
His second interpretation is equally deflective: "[P]ero mi suerte, que para mayores males, si es posible que los haya, me debe tener guardado, ordeno que en aquel punto me sobrase el entendimiento que despues aca me ha faltado" (1.27:340).
Through the use of deflective efforts and strengthening the community at the front end of the system to reduce entries, along with the County's Native Unit working closely to assist children, families, and tribes to achieve permanence for the children, efforts have shown progress in Woodbury County.
(Young offstage is a more or less dubious construct, too.) "I'm interested in characters playing other characters," she notes offstage, conjuring a typically guileless, deflective mise en abyme.
But no sooner had I pointed my camera at the tour guide last May, he raised a deflective hand.
Some of their concerns are real, and it won't work to dodge issues with deflective maneuvers like, "Well, what about the thousands of deaths each year caused by prescription medications?"
But Telford only enjoyed parity for four minutes, Workington scoring the winner when Gari Rowntree shot off a deflective free kick and saw it go in off the post.
Multiple roles of tail display by the curly-tailed lizard Leiocephalus carinatus: pursuit deterrent and deflective roles of a social signal.
Deflective work is considered a significant risk factor in this category because not only does it result in construction delays and additional cost to the contractor but it easily leads to disputes on the liability for the deflection.
To further evaluate deflective properties, the deflection in a unit beam depth (maximum deflection/ beam depth) was calculated for all crossarms fabricated for this study.