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deflect (something) away from (someone or something)

To direct something away from someone or something. That's why I have an assistant—she deflects all of this minutiae away from me. At the last second, the defenseman deflected the puck away from the goal.
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deflect something away from someone or something

to divert someone or something away from someone or something; to cause someone or something to veer away from someone or something. The press secretary deflected the reporter's questions from the candidate. The emergency deflected the boss's attention away from my mistake.
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He thought it might have been deflected which would have been offside.
In comparison, the helical flow structures in the deflected BBSG were initially generated from the bifurcated region and developed along the iliac graft until the outlets.
Burns saw his shot deflected into the net on 78 minutes and, although the Ports claimed it had hit Declan Caddell, who was in an offside position, it appeared to strike Gault en route to goal.
Essentially, the aileron's lower leading edge is designed to protrude into the slipstream when the aileron is deflected upward, lowering the wing in the direction of a turn.
At that point it looked like the Reds might give their goal difference a massive boost but it was Palace who netted next with Delaney's deflected 20-yarder.
Keith Downing's deflected shot on the turn, from Birch's mis-hit shot, was well saved by Hughes but Bull was on hand to provide the finish.
"I think our players worked extremely hard, they stuck to the game plan and we were undone by a deflected goal," he said.
Adams brought on Ben Williamson and Chris Shuker but the changes failed to stem the tide and Vale were left with a mountain which they failed to climb when Tendayi Darikwa headed in from point-blank range from Richards' deflected cross in the 64th minute.
Sydney, Nov 19 ( ANI ): The Israeli authorities have said that they have deflected millions of cyber-attack attempts since the start of its Gaza offensive four days ago.
Alan Pardew and some of his players had been on the lash in Tenerife in midweek and they suffered a hangover yesterday as Williamson deflected Will Buckley's crossshot into his own net.
Meite was unable to deal with his low cross and deflected the ball past Scott Carson into the net.
Jamie Morton went close for Wrexham with a free kick that went straight through the wall but was deflected wide, while Louis Moss also saw an effort deflected away for a corner as the Dragons best two chances.
The first five videos: 'Flame Spraying'; 'Arc Spraying'; ARC140 Deflected Extension'; '20m Cored Wire Spraying' and 'Deflected Spray Extension -Zinc on RNLI Chassis', are available to view now with other videos planned for the future.
METALLISATION, one of the leading manufacturers of metal spraying equipment and automated spraying systems, has launched a new deflected flame spray extension to fit its MK73 and MK61 flame spray systems.
The gasses and blast, however, were deflected up and backward, and actually pained the shooter's ears.