deflect away from

deflect (something) away from (someone or something)

To direct something away from someone or something. That's why I have an assistant—she deflects all of this minutiae away from me. At the last second, the defenseman deflected the puck away from the goal.
See also: away, deflect

deflect something away from someone or something

to divert someone or something away from someone or something; to cause someone or something to veer away from someone or something. The press secretary deflected the reporter's questions from the candidate. The emergency deflected the boss's attention away from my mistake.
See also: away, deflect
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But dismissing that plea as a "stunt", Mr Hamilton told BBC Radio Ulster: "It's to deflect away from the growing criticism there is of Sinn Fein because of their failure in helping to restore an Executive is having a negative effect".
Stephane Sessegnon started to show some endeavour for the visitors, seeing one shot deflect away from danger and on the half-hour mark, drilling another narrowly wide.
November 9, 2011 (KHARTOUM) -- The president of South Sudan Salva kiir today lashed out at his northern counterpart Omer Hassan al-Bashir accusing him of seeking to deflect away from his own internal problems by blaming other parties for it.
Jay "Dave is trying to deflect away from the result.
Passenger jet aircraft today are fitted with devices that would deflect away from the fuselage any electricity as a result of lightning.
There are certain times when coaches or managers who are under pressure try to use referees to deflect away from defeats or their team's position in the league table.
The little striker let fly with a snapshot which Flowers did so well to deflect away from his goal.
Maybe he's trying to deflect away from the fact that his team hasn't been as good in recent weeks as they should be for the amount of players and talent they have got.
Saladthedragon The announcement that a Malaysian investor had joined was hurried out to deflect away from this tax court news.
Helguson also threatened with a volley from the edge of the box which Michael Dawson did well to deflect away from goal, and the Icelandic striker made no mistake with a second opportunity in the 13th minute.
The players are trying to deflect away from the hype and just focus on the match and their individual jobs.